Tips: Protecting Your Feet During Sandal Season

5 06 2013
Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret

Well, we’ve already established it’s sandal season over here – but while I’m the biggest advocate for shedding those boots and busting out your favorite pair of sandals, I’m not a fan of what some women let those same shoes do to their feet. You’ve seen it. The cracked heels, the dry sides, the peeling feet – ewww, it’s the worst!

So because I love you all, I had to give some of my top tips on making sure the sandals you love don’t destroy the feet that wear them.

Start off the summer with a pedicure treat!

Some women get a pedicure every 2 or 3 weeks. As much as I’d loved to pretend I fit that bill, I just don’t. But in my preparation for sandal season, I always make sure to start the summer right: with a major pedicure for my tootsies. This does not just mean getting a polish change. It means getting them to do a scrub, a massage, a buff, etc… and for the love of all things holy – it means not letting them use that scraper on your feet (it only makes it worse!).

Get/do a maintenance pedicure at least once a month.

You can choose to do this on your own if you’d like, since there are plenty of do it yourself pedicure options available now. But regardless of how you do it, it must be done. That beginning pedicure will not last you through the summer, so don’t even fool yourself into it. Your feet will end up dryer than some sandpaper sitting out in the desert on a hot August day, and that’s not hot. While I don’t normally make it to my nail shop every month during the winter, I do manage to get there once a month to get a touch-up pedicure until I’m back to normally wearing closed toe shoes. I know it sounds like a lot, but as cute as sandals are – they do nothing for protecting your feet from the elements and dirt in the streets, so you have to help them out a bit.

Keep your feet moisturized.

It’s purely up to you on what you’d like to use (Lubriderm, Vaseline, cocoa butter, shea butter, whatever), but the best time to lotion up your feet is right out of the shower or bath. This allows your feet the chance to soak up as much moisture as possible. Also, you need to lotion them more than once a day – I would suggest at least twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Date a guy who likes giving foot massages.

No. Really.

Don’t wear your sandals every day.

I know, the horror – right?! But just like with wearing your heels, moderation is always best. Throw in a closed toe shoe at least twice a week to give your feet a break from the wear and tear that comes with wearing sandals. I promise you they’ll thank you for it.

Anyway, I hope those few tips help you all get through the next few months of sandal season. Did you have any you’d like to share?




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