Tips for My Future Husband – #11

13 05 2013

Fotor0512122810Celebrate my birth with me!

I’m a HUGE birthday person.

Always have been.

And I guess you can probably blame it on my family and friends, because they have found different ways since I was a baby to show out on that day. Starting from my first and second year birthday parties that had Strawberry Shortcake themes, I’ve managed to have some pretty great birthdays. Last year’s 29th was no slouch either, featuring a combination of attending a Drake concert with one of my besties and spending the next day at Great Falls, Va with some of my other faves. But it’s all the ones in between those two that make me really smile when I think about them.

I can still vividly remember my 6th grade birthday that included a slumber party of 20 girls at my grandparents’ house. We did everything that night – showed my grandma how to do the Creep dance, told scary stories, tried to make someone be light as a feather, stiff as a ghost – I mean we did it all! And of course, I can’t forget my skating party birthday or the first birthday my parents allowed boys and girls to attend at my house. Those were indeed the days.

I can also remember my Sweet Sixteen, fully equipped with a big party at my place, a DJ, all of my friends from High School, and my uncle standing in the den, looking through the sliding glass door and staring down me and my boyfriend at the time. My dad, for his part, was much cooler about the situation. Not to be outdone, there was also the year I graduated from grad school and turned 24 in the same weekend, and my girls helped me celebrate both milestones in style. And, of course, there was the year one of my faves traveled all the way to DC just to join me on a New York city weekend trip.

But as great a job as my friends and family have done to make me feel special on my day of birth, the men who I’ve dated have also significantly contributed to my birthday memories. I’ve had guys call me on the 17th of every hour to sing Happy Birthday, bring me to a different city so they can spoil me for the weekend, surprise me with flowers and a cake, treat me to dinner, and more. These weren’t extravagant gestures – but they were enough to remind me that on that day, he felt like I was the most important person in the world.

So of course, I’d want future hubby to join in this trend… but not just join it. He needs to set. it. out! Not necessarily set it out in an expensive way, but be creative, think outside the box, show me he’s been thinking about this day?  Oh hell yes!

Listen, my close friends will tell you that I like to go all out for their days. If I’m with them, I want to make sure they have the best day possible. And if I’m not there, I call and do birthday raps and opera versions of the birthday song; I text them Happy Birthday in different languages. I get them gifts that required thought and that I know they’ll appreciate – I really just try to show them they are special to me and that their birth is something to be celebrated.

So when it comes to my future hubby, I genuinely hope he will do the same, because I surely plan to  set the bar high when it comes to his day. And honestly, he’s got some big shoes to fill, because the people who have come before him have done their part to set the bar pretty high as well.


Hey guys, so I’ll be taking the next few days off from the blog to just enjoy my birthday amongst good friends. Be on the look-out for the next post on Wednesday, May 22nd, but also feel free to catch-up on any posts you may have missed in the meantime. Love ya, and I’ll catch you on the other side of 30!!!




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13 05 2013

Happy birthday Darby!!! Can’t wait to hear about your Dirty 30 festivities. I agree that birthdays are important. Unlike you I’ve had a lot of lackluster birthdays and I told my husband very early that it was his job to make sure they were amazing. For the most part my bday has been just the way I’ve wanted them to be. And I’m sure your future husband will be more than happy to show up and out for your birthdays! Enjoy!

14 05 2013

Thanks Brenda!! It’s Friday – but I figured I’d go ahead and take off from the blog from Wednesday to next Wednesday LOL… Plus, I’m heading out of town in a couple days and didn’t want to be worried about updating posts. You understand lol

Anyway, can I just say that I love you and your husband’s relationship from the outside looking in? I know it’s not perfect, but I love that you can be so honest with him and he clearly treats you like he should. And I adore that you told him upfront about your birthday expectations. That way he knows!! LOL. I personally think that birthdays are like your own little special holiday and should be acknowledged as such 🙂

16 05 2013

Aww thanks Darby. Once again, enjoy!!

14 05 2013

Also, THIS — And I’m sure your future husband will be more than happy to show up and out for your birthdays! — from your lips to God’s ears! haha

22 05 2014
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