How to Stay Fly and Safe in Your Heels

8 05 2013
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Y’all know I love a good stiletto heel. I mean, there’s nothing like stepping into a shoe with a heel that’s so skinny, it could be a weapon, but also is so tall – it makes me at least eye level with folks (and I’m 5’1 on my own). It’s empowering. It’s emboldening. But it can also be dangerous if done too often or incorrectly.

So how do I stay safe in my favorite heels? Glad you asked. Here are my top 4 tips:

1. Try not to wear tall, skinny heels all day more than 3 days in a row. I know that’s hard for my divalicious professional women out there, but the higher and skinnier the heel, the less support your foot and ankle have. When this happens, you end up putting a lot of pressure on both with no rest. That’s a no bueno situation. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m not saying to stop wearing your heels to work – I would never say that – but switching up the height and width of the heel makes all the difference. If you wore 4 inch heels for two days, just try a 2 or 3 incher the next.

2: Do not ever wear heels that are too small. First, it looks horrible and people can always tell. But more importantly, the combination of the tight squeeze and less support for your foot and ankle create a dangerous situation. Have you ever tried on shoes that were just a little too exact? I have, and when I did, I instantly felt the pressure on my ankles. Now, think about doing that all day. I don’t know how women do this and not feel like they’re going to crumble at any point.

3: Give your feet some me-time. Pedicures are not just simply for keeping your toes looking cute – or at least, they shouldn’t be. Spend that extra money every once in awhile and opt for the pedicure with the massage. If you can’t do that, soak them at home in some warm suds or Epsom salt, and use a foot roller under your feet. Not only does this feel great, it releases some of the tension in your foot caused by the heels.

4. Practice makes perfect. It’s always best to practice walking in your heels before wearing them for long periods of time. Without doing this, you can find yourself stumbling or walking awkwardly, putting pressure on your ankles (again) or in the wrong places on your foot. In general, the last place you want the pressure to be is in your toes – so if it feels that way while you’re walking in the heels, it’s best to get some help in re-learning how to strut safely.

Using these four tips will help you stay a little safer in your heels, and honestly – just make it easier for you to look great and feel great at the same time.

Happy safe strutting ladies! Any one else have other suggestions for staying safe?




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