Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake!!!!

1 05 2013
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Guess what folks?! It’s May!! – which means we’re now officially in my birthday month, and I’ll be 30 before you know it.

I think usually this time starts to be one of reflection for a lot of people. I’ve seen folks freak out and start feeling like they haven’t achieved anything and thinking they are so far behind what they expected at 30. I’ve also seen people get really introspective about their beliefs and their actions.

Me? I’ve started thinking about all the fun ish I want to do that I haven’t done just yet.

You know, like come home to a naked man, sitting there with a cake on top of him… waiting for me to blow the candles out (ahem).

TMI? Okay, well then this post isn’t the one for you lol. Stop right here and come back on Friday. I won’t feel bad……………… Still here? Wonderful!!

So what brought about this new, crazy fun bucket list of ideas? Well, while recording the next podcast (wooot!), it came up that I’d never had a one night stand before. Really??? – my friends who’ve known me for ten years asked rhetorically and incredulously. Really. So they, kind of jokingly, gave me an assignment. And even though it was a joke – it got me to thinking, why not take it on as a real assignment?!

I mean, I’m about to be 30! It’s time to celebrate!

Funny enough, for the past year, I’ve been slightly stressing over the fact that I didn’t feel almost 30. Don’t get me wrong – I love my life, my bills definitely remind me that I’m grown every month, and I’ve lived a lot of great and fabulous moments so far. But when I thought of 30 — it just seemed like I should feel wiser or more adult. That I shouldn’t still be thoroughly enjoying the time I spend with my hair in a high ponytail, Howard/Georgetown sweats on, dancing around my place without a care in the world. Or getting giddy anytime I think about wearing my perfect date dress for that perfect date. Or hell, creating drunken hashtags with a certain friend who shall not be named.

But I do all of that! And I love doing all of that! And I realized a few weeks ago, after talking to said friend, that my 30 may be different from what I expected – but in many ways, it’s still very 30. So while the idea of kids and a husband still scare the bejeesis out of me (for now, that is), there’s other things that I’m very adult about. I have my own apartment, I have a great job, I have plenty of travel plans, and my little sisters insist that I remind them of Martha Stewart on a regular basis. And even if none of those things were the case, I’d still just be an even different form of 30. But 30 nonetheless.

So okay – I’ll take it. I’m Martha Stewart with more than a few tats and an appreciation for a good glass of Hennessy and Coke. And I feel like the real fun is just beginning.

To help with that fun – I’ve now got a temporary, not at all completed, crazy bucket list of things I can’t wait to try! Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments section if you can think of more.

– I’m serious about that man and the cake.
– Also, naked Saturdays whenever my future husband does come in the picture are a definite must.
– Be a part of a flash mob dance
– Vegas baby!
– Actually do one of my Tuesday night amateur specials.
– Lay out on a yacht while singing “I’m on a boat!”
– Have a one night stand.

Listen… it’s about. to. go. down. 30 is so not ready for me.




4 responses

1 05 2013
Erika (Your Chic is Showing)

I feel like all of my friends want to do a flashmob/breakout into song and dance like in a musical. Might have to make that happen!

i also think you should aim to wake up in a new bugatti.

And my hashtags were funny. #drinkingwithstevie #whendmagicmakesthedrinks

1 05 2013

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I (clearly) fully endorse this idea of us all joining in some kind of flashmob/singing/dancing situation.

OHHH EMMM GEEE – I totes have to wake up in a new bugatti!!

The first one was funny. The second was unwarranted. hmph.

5 05 2013

Erika beat me to the punch! Apparantly we all want to do a flashmob thing. It must happen. I feel on you the “not feeling like an adult” thing, I will be 30 soon and even though I am married, I feel like a kid playing like an adult most of the time. Age is not about the number, its about the person and how you enjoy life. So enjoy it! And let me know how those bucket list things go…

6 05 2013

I’m beginning to feel like this flashmob thing is a MUST happen lol

And I’m so glad you feel me on the whole not quite feeling like an adult thing. Because, there are definitely days I feel like a kid dressed up as an adult LOL

Ohhh honey, I’ll surely keep you updated!

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