SPRING! A Time for Fun in the Sun Dating

26 04 2013

I’m a little biased, but spring has always been my favorite season (allergies not withstanding). The flowers are blooming, the sun is out, your friends start suggesting happy hour and brunch almost every week, and it’s just the right temperature outside – warm enough to not need several layers while you hang on someone’s patio, but cool enough that you don’t wish you were baking on a beach instead of baking as you walked to the train. It’s perfect!

But aside from all that, Springtime is also the perfect time to date. I mean, who can pass up an opportunity to frolic in the park with a cutie or watch the sun set on a beautiful crisp, spring night? I certainly can’t! And coincidence or not, some of my best dates have happened in the spring.

So, if you’re looking to date this season, but you’re not quite sure what to do or where to go, here’s 5 dates I’d definitely go on in the next couple months (and I’m willing to bet others would as well):

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Doesn’t really matter if you like baseball or not, honestly, because the great thing about attending a baseball game is that there’s so much to do outside of actually watching the game! Now, I am someone who will watch it (eventually), but most ball parks have plenty of options for those who wouldn’t. For example, Nationals Stadium has a full on bar/club experience that you can attend and the drinks are pretty darn good. So is the food, actually, since they have options other than your typical hotdogs and nachos at the park. But why go in the spring and not the summer? Well, that’s easy – have you ever been to a baseball game in August? It’s H.O.T. And there’s no way anyone can be sexy during that time. Spring has the perfect weather for an afternoon, outside game and you should definitely take advantage of it.

Experience the culture

Okay, so I am from one of the cities in the US that’s ALL about its culture, and I happen to live in the Nation’s Capital now – so I’m probably used to a lot of options in this area. But every place has stuff distinctive to that town, whether that’s museums, food, specific locales, etc… Now is the perfect time to explore something like that.

Get into the water!

This doesn’t have to be a pool, although that could be fun too. But if your town or city has a lake or river in it, chances are there are tons of things to do around it. DC has paddle boating, canoeing, and kayaking. New Orleans has Mardi Gras colored fountains and parks on the lake. You just have to find what your town has, but I guarantee whatever is – you’ll have a blast.

Hang out in the park/Plan a picnic

Most people think of this as a summer activity, but if it’s too hot – this can go all the way wrong. In the spring, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather and not worry about sweating during your date. Bonus – there’s less bees in the spring too, right?

Find a festival/out-door movie

The out-door movies are loads of fun and can range from oldies to scary movies and everything in between. It’s a great twist on the old faithful “dinner and a movie,” and it shows you’re a bit creative. And the festivals – oh they’re the best! You can find a festival on almost anything – wine, food, music, whatever – and it’s a great way to do something ‘active’ without actually doing some active.

I hope these are a help to anyone looking to make that jump this season – because, I mean, what’s spring without dating! (A sad, sad situation, that’s what it is.) May the dating force be with you and the spring season bring you plenty of luck 🙂




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