Does Stupid Ruin Pretty?

24 04 2013
Photo credits: Ryan Lochte - Men's Health/ Stacey Dash -

Photo credits: Ryan Lochte – Men’s Health/ Stacey Dash –

I think it’s long been theorized that women know very early on if they plan/want to have sex with someone, and that usually what stops said plans is that person messing up and saying something stupid that completely alters the sexy factor the woman had in her mind. And while this may not be completely true for all women, I think I can say that the theory holds some validity, especially amongst many of my – shall we say – more grammar-oriented friends.¹

Enter people like Ryan Lochte and Stacey Dash. I think it’s safe to say both are extremely good looking people. Yet I’ve heard, in reference to both, that they should just keep their mouths closed, because when they open it, gems like “I’m a man at night and in the morning” come spewing out. Doesn’t that just make you want to walk away and go shower the skeeve off of you? (I mean, WHAT does that mean, Ryan?!)

Stacey’s no different. I’m sure many a lesbian has been disappointed to find out her actual thoughts beyond those we assumed from her Clueless days. Heck, I’ve even heard men say things like, “I mean, I’d still bang, but she used to seem like wifey material. Now, you just want her to shut up.”

That sounds harsh… initially. But I get it. I might be willing to overlook Ryan’s incessant need to say “chyeah” if he just didn’t EVER say it around me, or really if he didn’t say anything ever at all. Then again, every time I see a promo for his new show on E!, he loses a little piece of his sexiness in my eyes. At this point, he might have to be standing right in front of me (immediately out of the pool, water dripping from his body) for us to recover from the damage he’s inflicted all from just talking.

But that made me wonder – are there things I’m willing to overlook because someone is just THAT fine? We talk about deal breakers all the time, but what about those things that could be deal breakers if it wasn’t for the fact that you really want to get with that person? For example, I’m perfectly willing to overlook the fact that Darren Sharper is old enough to be my uncle. Because trust me, I wouldn’t give one good damn about his age if we met. But, stupid? Stupid might be something a little harder to get over, at least for more than one night.

What about you all, though? Would stupid cancel out pretty for you?

1 I recognize that my friends might just be an anomaly though, since more than one has mentioned how she can’t find a man sexy if he can’t beat her in scrabble. I do not have this problem, by the way.




2 responses

29 04 2013

I choose intelligence over stupidity hands down and I’ve done it in the past. I just can’t imagine spending my life cringing at what my S.O. is saying. Lol.

30 04 2013

Lol understandable, and I completely agree. Although, I wonder if dude would need to be intelligent for me to have a one-night stand. This is a question I probably need to ask myself lol

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