Caught in the Suitcase: A Shoe Story

17 04 2013
Photos: Steve Madden shoes worn by Darby

Photos: Steve Madden shoes worn by Darby

Standing in the shower, my imagination wouldn’t stop racing. Part of me wanted him to “surprise” me and come walking through that door, no clothes on, knowing he could join me in there even without an invitation. The other part of me hoped he didn’t, because, well – the last thing I needed to do was have sex with this man this weekend. This was supposed to be an innocent weekend between the two of us, or so we both said.

And yet, even with that stated declaration, I’d still somehow agreed to us getting a hotel room together with one bed. And I’d also brought my come-eff-me heels for… I don’t know what reason exactly? To seduce him? To… I don’t know, dance for him? But I said no hanky panky when we agreed to do this. Talk about conflicted, right? I didn’t know what I wanted. And since, I didn’t know, I just kept standing in that damn shower.

I figured he was probably wondering by now just how dirty I thought I was, but I couldn’t leave out of that bathroom. Not until I knew – until I knew exactly what I wanted. As the water flowed down, I just stood there – thinking about us. Thinking about the great day we’d already had, a day that included seeing him for the first time in months and wanting to jump in his arms. A day that saw us walking around Dupont Circle like tourists, hand in hand, laughing and catching each others’ eyes sometimes. A day that included a Thai dinner at this cute little boutique restaurant and us doing cutesy things together, like tasting each other’s food and him feeding me some strange food that he claimed he loved. The day had already been way better than I expected, but now it was night time, and my desires were on 20.

Eventually, I gingerly stepped out of the shower, turning the water off, and mostly trying not to fall and cause a commotion. I figured at that point if I stayed in there any longer, I’d have more than my fingers looking like prunes. I dried myself off, slid on my carefully planned cute but not sexy (but not unsexy) night clothes and opened the door back into our room.

“Hey there,” he said smiling, laying on top of the bed. “I’ve been waiting on you.”

“I thought you were going to join me at some point,” I replied, and then instantly regretted my verbal diarrhea.

“Should I have?”

I looked at him, laying there on that bed. All that temptation in front of me that I was working really to hard to resist.

“Probably not.”

He paused a beat.

“Yea, I didn’t think so.”

Was that a look of rejection I detected in his face? No, couldn’t have been. Either way, I brushed it off.

“But I’m out now, so what’s next!”

“I figured we could just chill and watch a movie.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I sat on the end of the bed (purposefully) and waited for him to start the movie. I could do this, I thought and then quickly noticed the movie had yet to begin.

“What are you doing? Press play” I said, briefly turning around to him.

“Oh, there’s just one thing I need to do before it starts.”


And within a second of my “okay,” he’d pulled me to him and wrapped his body around me.

“Much better.”

Maybe I couldn’t do this.

For the next couple hours, we laid on that bed, completely entwined, me watching the movie and him watching me. At different times, he’d run his hands through my hair or lightly rub my arm or leg. It was nice. Really nice. And it completely released any of the tension I had from when I was in the shower.

When the movie ended, we kind of laid there for a second, I think neither one of us knowing what to do just yet. And finally he spoke.


He cleared his throat.

“When you were getting your clothes out of your suitcase, I noticed an interesting pair of shoes in there.”

“Oh? Did you?”


“Yea. What did you bring those for?”

“I just um.. wasn’t sure if maybe we might go out tonight or something, and I just wanted to be prepared if we did.”

“Uh huh.”

He turned me to him so that I was now facing him. He could clearly tell I was lying.

“So… why don’t you show me the outfit you wanted to wear with the shoes?”

“The outfit?”

“Yea. The outfit you would have worn if we went out. You know, the reason you brought those shoes.”

“Okay, sure.”

I got up out of the bed and went directly to my suitcase, trying to figure what the hell I was going to show him. I think I walked as slow as anyone could possibly walk to go from one side of a hotel room to the other.

And he let me carry on knowing I had nothing to go with those shoes in that suitcase!

I finally reached my destination, situated near the huge floor-to-ceiling window in our room. I’d opened the suitcase back up, but before I could try to pick something out of there, I noticed he was already walking towards me.

“Are you really going to continue this charade,” he asked, now standing right in front of me, looking intently into my eyes.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Okay, D.” He smirked and stepped back.

“Enough about this outfit though, can we marvel at the beautiful view we have from this room for a second?” Yes, window for giving me something to segue into!

“It is really pretty,” he replied. I wasn’t sure if he was talking about me or the view. He was looking at me.

But the view really was gorgeous. We had an amazing skyline view of DC from our window, and so I walked towards it in part to gaze up at the sky, but also to get away from this intense situation. I inadvertently put myself right into another one. As I stood facing the window, he slowly came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, whispering in my ear that he was really happy to be with me this weekend.

“I am too,” I replied, feeling his breath right on the back of my neck. Now I knew how Erykah Badu felt.

We stood like that for a few minutes and then, in an instant, he took his arms from around me and placed my hands on the window, pressing his body into mine, giving anyone who had a high window quite a show. With no words spoken, he took one hand away and moved it to my side, where he began to lift my shirt and trace his fingers down my spine. His other hand came down as well to remove my shorts at the same time.

Now standing completely exposed with just my shirt and panties on, he turned me around so I could face him. Still splayed on the window, he began to kiss me everywhere but where I wanted him to – on the lips. He started with my neck, then went to delivering soft kisses to the top of my chest, then back up to my ears, all while his hands roamed me from behind, grabbing my butt and pulling me closer to him.

“Do you want this,” he whispered.

“Uh huh,” I answered back – half whisper, half plea.

And finally, he kissed me. It was that same familiar kiss from before – deep, passionate, but sensual and gentle. I was in heaven and had completely relinquished any thoughts of not having sex with him.

Sensing this, he stepped back and picked up the heels out of my suitcase, making sure to keep his eyes on me the whole time. He placed them in front of me and sat down on the chair near the bed.

“Show me what you want.”

I looked at him, looked at the shoes and slyly smiled. With one foot and then the other, I slipped those leopard print pumps on, all the while looking at him and keeping my stride steady. This time, I walked across the room with confidence, with an air full of expectancy. I knew what I wanted.

When I reached him, I bent down, lightly kissed his lips, and slithered my body on top of his.




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29 04 2013

Whoo chile!!! ~fans self~ i have no words. You just gave me a few ideas for my anniversary, lol.

30 04 2013

Hahaha thanks Brenda! And when’s your anniversary?

30 04 2013


30 04 2013

Oh my goodness!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And (ahem), have fun 😉

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