No Babies Allowed!! (at least not now)

10 04 2013
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I guess I should start this post with a quick disclaimer. I love children, especially the ones in my family. My best friend will tell you how I can play around with my God-children for hours. And I want some one day. Today is just NOT that day.

So why did I title a post No Babies Allowed when I just admitted to loving children? Well, a couple weeks ago, I had some strange encounters with children that kind of gave me the creepy leepys. Not strange as in they were screaming and carrying on, because I see that all the time on DC Metro. No, no – strange as in they kept coming for me!

First, I had this 10 month old baby that was pure fighting his dad to get to me. He was reaching out for me and trying to climb over the chair bar on the train. I mean, he was really putting in effort. And every time his dad tried to turn him around or pull him away, he would clearly get pissed at him and start screaming until he let him go back to trying to reach out to me.

Since I’m not a crazy person, I didn’t actually pick up the child. But it was the hardest thing in the world to have a little baby reaching out to me when you know you can’t pick him up. I ended up just sitting there trying to wave hi to the little boy. It was also quite awkward, because the dad felt the need to keep saying how sorry he was and that his son wasn’t normally like this. I tried to assure him it was okay, but it was a tiny bit unnerving when it kept going on for more than 10 minutes.

That by itself would have been nothing to write about. Oh, but the very next day, I’m walking down the street and this little girl who couldn’t have been more than 4 comes running to me. Like, she booked it! And then immediately latches onto my leg, looks up and notices I’m not quite who she thought I was, but she stayed on my LEG! Again, I didn’t know what to do! Do I hug her back? But I don’t know this child, and I don’t know her mom, who was taking her sweet arse time to come get her off of me.

After that, I had to say a little prayer and let Jesus know that ain’t nobody trying to have an immaculate conception up in this piece right now. And by nobody, I mean me.

But y’all know I’m big on signs being present all around us. So of course I started wondering if this was just a two-off thing or if God was trying to tell me that my eggs aren’t as low as one might think even though I’m that much closer to 30? Doesn’t He know that I need to find someone I actually you know, like, before I can handle information like this???

So, uh yeah, in case it needs to be said – let this be on wax: there are no babies allowed in these parts right now. One day, yes! I even have potential names for said future babies. But right now?? Unh uh! I am so not for it.

Please and thanks.




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