Tip: How To Make Sure Your Shoes FIT

3 04 2013
Photo Credit: Theybf.com

Photo Credit: Theybf.com

I know this seems like an obvious thing to make sure to do – make sure your shoes fit – but as pictured above, the simplest things can become quite difficult when you’re dealing with women and shoes they love.

So, because I care about you all and don’t want you to EVER end up with your pinky toe screaming to get out of your heels, here are my top 5 ways to make sure your shoes FIT.

1: Buy the right size.

This doesn’t necessarily mean buy your regular size. One thing I’ve learned in shoe-shopping is that they are very similar to the clothes in H&M – you have to try them on, because an 8 1/2 in one shoe may not feel like an 8 1/2 in another shoe. For example, I wear a size 9 shoe, but I regularly find myself buying 9 1/2 and even 10s if the shoe runs smaller (you’ll find this a lot in Italian heels – a weakness of mine). I once even bought an 11 (!!), not because my foot was just extra big that day, but because that shoe ran EXTRA small. If I’d just gone by my regular 9 size and walked out of the store without trying those shoes on, I would have been in great pain once I got home.

2: Try your shoes on BOTH feet and walk around for at least 2 minutes in the store.

This goes back to picking the right size shoe. What may seem comfortable while sitting may look quite crazy once you actually put your foot on the ground. But you won’t know this until you try it out.

3: When online shopping, ALWAYS check the size chart.

I admit it. I love to shop online almost as much as I love walking in the mall. But trust me, I’ve learned the hard way that you must check the size chart before pressing purchase on those shoes. While you’re at it, most places will mention either in the description how the shoes fit your foot or someone in the reviews will mention it – pay attention to that.

4: Be honest about how wide or narrow your foot is.

Okay, listen – some people have wider feet than others. I do! So I know that there are certain shoes I either can’t wear or I will need a bigger size in them. Pointed-toe shoes are a great find, but they’re also one of the main culprits of folks looking like stuffed sausages. For most pointed-toe shoes, I go up at least a 1/2 size. This gives my toes room to breath and it also ensures that my pinky toe won’t just jump out and say “hey” to everyone while I’m walking.

5:  Don’t be afraid to return the shoes (even if they were a present).

Most people know I love shoes at this point, so I regularly get presents that are shoes. YAY! Except that it’s not as easy to buy shoes for someone as you would think. For one: you can’t do any of the four previous steps if the shoes you’re buying aren’t actually for you! But, and I’ve had to get better at this, keeping shoes that don’t fit you helps no one. So either ask the person for a gift receipt (or the actual receipt, whatever) or hope that they got it from a store that takes returns without a receipt (heeey Nordstrom!). But either way, do not keep those shoes. They may look very pretty, but they don’t serve their purpose sitting pretty in your closet.

What about you all? Do you have any other suggestions for ways to make sure your shoes fit? I’ve love to hear them!



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3 04 2013
Erika (Your Chic is Showing)

These are excellent tips!

I also find that you should pay attention to the material of a shoe because some materials (think leather) will stretch a bit when you wear them. So, if a leather pump feels a little tight, remember that when you go home and walk around wearing them with socks to break them in you’ll stretch it enough for it to fel comfortable on your foot during regular wear.

Also – pay attention to the type of shoe you’re buying. Like pointy toe pumps athletic shoes should be purchased about a half size too big. Why? Because your foot swells when you’re working out and you need somewhere for it to go. Get a shoe that fits just right and you run the risk of having blisters, bunions, black or even dead toenails. If that happens you won’t be able to wear all the cute peep toe pumps and sandals you bought for the spring we’re all still waiting for.

3 04 2013

Thanks!!! And I love your additional tips as well. I definitely made the leather mistake once and bought a pair that ended up being too big once I wore them a few times. Also, a great tip on athletic shoes – nothing like an uncomfortable shoe while working out!

3 04 2013

Reblogged this on Your Chic is Showing and commented:
I typically do not reblog but this is an excellent post by my homegirl D from Choices, Voices and Sole (https://gotsole.wordpress.com) about how to make sure you’re shoes fit! It’s always chic to have a shoe that fits!

Want to test out her tips? Join us at Strut Your Stuff on April 28 at Stilettos in the Cherry Hill Mall.

Register now: http:ycsstrutyourstuff2.eventbrite.com

3 04 2013

Great post! My tip is to buy shoes at the end of the shopping day when your feet are a little swollen that way you will know if a shoe is comfortable if it feels good in the store after your feet have expanded a little bit. This works great for stilettos.

3 04 2013

Thanks hon!!! And that’s a great tip! I think I inadvertently do it anyway, since I prefer to do absolutely nothing early in the morning (even shopping), but now there’s an added bonus to my end of day shopping. Wooot!

7 05 2013

Great post! I def use the walk around the store with the shoes on very helpful. It helps determine if the shoe is just a run into the restaurant and sit OR an actually walk around shoe.

8 05 2013

Hahaha exactly! There are still some occasions when I’ve purchased the “sit down” shoe, but at least you know what you’re getting from JUMP lol

8 05 2013
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