Fool Proof Dating Fails: What You Should Never Do on a Date

1 04 2013
Yea, this guy - don't be him...Photo Credit:

Yea, this guy? Don’t be him…
Photo Credit:

Oh, dating. It can be a glorious and thrilling occasion. But, for many, it can also be a time of confusion on what to do and what not to do when trying to make a good impression.

Well, since everyone always talks about what you should do on a date, I’d like to talk about a few things you definitely should never, ever, ever do. You know, because I’ve had way more hilarious encounters with the latter. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard things like “don’t discuss religion or politics” and “don’t be late,” but, this won’t be that kinda list. I have some waaaay better don’ts than that!


Men: Don’t order more than you can pay. Matter of fact, don’t go to a restaurant you don’t know you can afford.

This seems obvious enough, and yet – I went on a date with a guy who was obviously trying to impress me, but clearly didn’t realize he couldn’t actually afford the restaurant he took me to. Crazy part? He suggested it! Crazier part? I ended up having to fork over $50 on a date that was supposed to be his treat. Hmmm…

Ladies: Don’t dress for the wrong date.

I get wanting to dress to impress, but nothing looks crazier than a woman in a bandaid dress and heels on her way to Dave and Busters. (I’ve seen it.) That is just sooo not a good look! And such a waste, because (and I’m just guessing here) there’s no way the guy is thinking anything close to “I want to take her on a second date after this.”

Men: Don’t ask crazy questions. These can include, but are not limited to:¹

Why are you single?
Are you a freak?
Do you believe in vampires? (Because I am one.)
How does your p*ssy taste?
So what are the chances of me coming over tonight?
Do you think you could fall in love with me?
— note, only one of these is a question I haven’t actually been asked or one of my friends hasn’t actually been asked. I’ll let you decide which one.

Both: Don’t take several calls or spend most of your time checking your phone.

A. It’s just rude to do unless you’ve already told the other person about a specific reason you’re waiting on a call. B. It totally gives off the impression you’d rather be somewhere else. That’s not exactly the impression you want to give off if you actually want to see that person again, right? Right.

Well, that’s all my tips for today, but what other foolish things have you all seen or encountered that folks should definitely never, ever, ever do on a date?

Happy April Fools everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂

1 I recognize women ask crazy questions as well, but I’ll let the men who read the blog offer those examples lol




4 responses

1 04 2013
Erika (Your Chic is Showing)

Umm I totally feel like all of those are real questions. It’s terrible I can’t spot the fake!

1 04 2013

LMAO! Fortunately, there actually is one fake one in the bunch. Although, I wish they were all fakes, but I guess that would be too much like right haha

1 04 2013

Band-Aid dress at Dave and Buster’s!!!! Oh, yes! I’ve seen it soo many times. A dude spent a significant amount of time texting during a date and it pissed me off. He was writing me a poem… Because I wasn’t rude, my phone was on silent and in my purse and he asked me to check it. And there was an interesting poem. Oh well…

1 04 2013

Right!!! Whenever I see that, I’m always like no, no, no – that is just not cute!!

Wait – he really probably thought he was doing something there too. Poor guy. Definite FAIL lol.

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