Celebrity Shoe Spotlight – Kylie Minogue

25 03 2013

You remember Kylie Minogue, right? The Australian singer, song writer, and actress who’s sold over 68 million records worldwide? Who sang The Loco-Motion and Can’t Get You Outta My Head? Well besides all of her entertainment success and amazing humanitarian work, she’s also a known shoe lover who likes to post her fave shoes on Instagram and Twitter. How awesome, right?!

Well, anyone who takes the time to post her favorite shoe pictures on social media has to be considered for a celebrity shoe spotlight on the blog. Not to mention, the shoes are HAWT! That’s no big surprise since Kylie is one hot tamale herself, but regardless – I was certainly inspired by some of these shoe pictures and had to share. I’m sure you’ll want to save some of your dough so you can get a pair of designer shoes like these after just one look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any faves from her collection? And what designer shoes do you have that make you want to show them off to the world? I certainly love my Christian Dior sandals, but I’d love to hear about some of your favorites.

Photos courtesy of Kylie Minogue’s Twitter and Instagram accounts and YourNextShoes.com.



2 responses

26 03 2013

the white studded beauties and the purple leopard. Sexy!

27 03 2013

Oooh I like those too, especially the purple leopard ones! I also really like the sequined peep-toe stilettos.

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