That Only Happens in Hollywood…

18 03 2013
Really, this is sexy??Photo Credit:

Really, this is sexy??
Photo Credit:

It happens so often in the movies and on TV you’d think it happened in real life. There they are – fighting and impassioned about whatever problem they’re having. They’re screaming and carrying on, their faces twisted in anger; you might even see the woman push or slap the guy, and then the next thing you know, they’re…kissing? And making out? And what?! Having sex?

Wait, what?!

This has always confused me – the sexy fight or the argument that leads to sex that Hollywood so often portrays. Who actually does this in real life? I mean, am I the only one missing out on this angry sex life? Cuz, if not – we’ve got a real disconnect here.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been in arguments before with guys I dated. And I’ve had sex with guys I’ve dated. But never has the argument led to sex. Now make-up sex, okay – I can understand that. But who’s in the midst of a passionate argument and starts looking at that person with lust in their eyes? Outside of Ne-yo, I guess, but that song was confusing too. Sex is the LAST thing I’m thinking about at this time!! And I’m certainly not getting all turned on if you’re grabbing me up by my wrists in an aggressive move because you’re angry! What?! Get out of here with that mess.

One of my friends suggested that it may happen only in lust-filled relationships, so someone you’re actually dating wouldn’t count. Okay, except that I’ve had that too. Lest we forget Cosby Show, who before he became something else in my life was nothing but a cut-buddy for years, mostly because we didn’t really like each other when we weren’t having sex. So trust me, we got into plenty of arguments. And guess what? None of them ever made me look at him and want to jump his bones.

In fact, usually it made me throw him out of my apartment or dorm room.

So maybe I just don’t get it or maybe Hollywood is completely out of touch with this one, but either way, I’ve never experienced this situation. Have you? And if you have, how? I’d really like to know how you went from pissed off to worked up, because heck – maybe I am missing out on something great here!

Inquiring minds want to know!




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19 03 2013

Oh, I’ve totally done this. It usually involves arguments over things that are irrelevant in determining whether or not you like the person, but something where you’ve staked opposing positions, and you’re deeply invested in them.

So usually politics.

I had a guy who would intentionally push my feminist buttons to get a rise out of me.

But yeah, it’s usually an argument over some nerdy shit.

19 03 2013

Really?? Interesting! Maybe I need to get into a fight with someone so I can see what this angry sex life is about LOL

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