Looking for Answers in the Wrong Places

15 03 2013
Photo courtesy of HeTexted.com

Photo courtesy of HeTexted.com

I think we’ve all been there at some point. You get a text message, email, BBM – whatever – and you’re left looking at the message like ‘what the eff! How am I possibly supposed to respond to this ish?’

Well, there’s at least one website that feels like they have the solution for you. HeTexted.com is a site where you upload a message from the guy in question and several people are able to read it and rate whether he’s into you, not into you, or if the verdict is still out. They even have a team of “bros” who answer advice-style questions and places where readers can comment on the posted interaction.

Now, listen – I’m not knocking wanting to interpret some of the foolishness that men send to us (no offense, guys!), but I also think most people would tell you that just openly communicating with that person is so much better than asking a bunch of strangers what they think he meant when he said “hi.”

What that communication looks like is purely up to you, but I’ve found (through numerous life lessons) that the best way to know if someone is interested in you (especially if you can’t determine it strictly by their actions) is to just come out and ask. I know, I know – easier said than done. Heck, I’m the queen of trying to send ‘subtle signals,’ but usually when I did that, I’d still find myself left with questions – and sometimes give myself even more questions than when I began!

Am I saying that the Chapstick test I did to see if this guy I met a couple years ago would kiss me was me going about things the wrong way? Yep, yes I am. Same with the cutesy, flirty email messages I’d participate in – all the time wondering if this would ever go any further. And guess what? So is the foolish test you’re so used to doing that you don’t even realize it still doesn’t work. I’ll give you a moment to nod.

Mmmmm hmmm…

Look, I’m not saying to all of sudden go around asking every person if they like you. I’m far too old-fashioned to act like I’d be comfortable with that. But, maybe the guys had it right back in the day when they’d give the girl of their desire a “Will you be my girlfriend?” note. They were upfront, simple, and to the point – and whether that person said yes or no, they came out of that interaction with a succinct answer. They knew what was up, and it came from the horse’s mouth.

And that’s gotta be so much better than constantly wondering or asking someone else if your dude is into you, right?




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