That Damn HI

1 03 2013

Several weeks ago, on the hit TV show, Scandal, we were all witness to the power of one little word: Hi.

This simple, two-letter word has been the kryptonite for many women throughout the ages, but in one scene (albeit a very popular one), Shonda Rhimes gave away our dirty little secret. And while many men began jokingly tweeting “Hi” to their favorite tweetettes (Twitter gals, Twitter-ettes? whatever you get my point), I chuckled to myself because I knew so many of them still didn’t get the power in what they were doing. They were joking, but I bet you some woman somewhere was hoping for that two-letter word from one of them.

Now, in the show, Olivia is excited to hear her Hi because it proved that the President was alive, but I’d be willing to bet that many women flashed back to their own Hi moments as they watched Olivia have hers on TV. And while maybe not as dramatic, they were probably just as significant. I can certainly recall the last Hi moment I had. Heck, I can recall many of the first Hi’s from those guys who, knowingly or not, could make my lip quiver just by looking at me.

So why is the Hi so powerful? Well, first, as with most things – it’s powerful because of who it comes from. Whether its a cutie pie crush or a significant other, that special Hi usually comes from someone you absolutely adore. It takes a special person to make someone melt with only two letters, you know?

Next, it’s powerful because it usually comes during an unexpected time. Sure, you probably say hi all day to people with little to no regard. But hearing the right Hi from that person after a long day at work, or after he’s been out of town for awhile, or in the morning right as you wake up, or when you haven’t talked to him in sometime, well let’s just say it can produce that same look Kerry has at the 17 second mark in the video above.

And mostly, it’s powerful because no matter who he or she is, that Hi and its subsequent reaction proves that THAT person makes you ridiculously, squeamishly, over the moon happy – whether you want them to or not – just by being them. And there’s not too many things more powerful than that.




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21 08 2013
What Happens When You’re the Emotional Booty Caller | Choices, Voices, and Sole

[…] put it down. I didn’t want to do to him what’s been done to me. I know how detrimental a simple HI can be to the wrong person (ie: me lol). And I know how “I was just thinking of you and […]

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