Top 5 Snow Boots

6 02 2013

For many people, February tends to be a month filled with snow storms. And while DC has been consistently teasing us with its random snow flurries so far this year, I still remember, quite vividly, the way the snow storms in February really helped to bring about the snow-pocalypse name in the city a few years ago. Sure, it snowed in December and January that winter season, but in February – it showed out! Almost to the point where I thought I would miss the wedding of two of my faves.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. But it was at that time that I realized just how unprepared I was, shoe-wise, for real snow. Galoshes are fine with chinchy snow-flurry snow, but when it starts accumulating, you need legit snow boots. But, how do you wear them and still look fly and fashionable, right?

Well, lucky for you, I perused the internet for my top 5 picks. They all range in style, but neither is lacking in function or fabulousness. Check them out below!

Timberland Snow BootsPhoto:

Timberland Snow Boots

Europe Vintage Metallic Buckle Snow BootPhoto:

Europe Vintage Metallic Buckle Snow Boot

Roxy Go Snow BootsPhoto:

Roxy Go Snow Boots

Timberland Winter Snow BootsPhoto:

Timberland Winter Snow Boots

Altrec Snow BootsPhoto:

Altrec Snow Boots

Would you get any of these? And do you have some snow boots you’d love to share with everyone? Sharing is caring!




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