Celebrity Shoe Spotlight – Beyonce’

30 01 2013

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In light of Beyonce’s sure to be epic Super Bowl performance this weekend, I just had to do a celebrity shoe spotlight post on her. So while we all get ready to watch some good football in my great city (ahem, no bias) and look forward to whatever Beyonce’ will do to set that stage on fire, let’s also take a look at some of her more recent shoe choices.

From music videos to performances to photo shoots and simply walking down the street, this lady knows how to keep attention on her and her feet. In the Love on Top video, she shows that even a woman known for rocking some of the highest heels can slide on a pair of sneakers and still look cool.

Beyonce' in her Love on Top video.Photo: NecoleBitchie.com

Beyonce’ in her Love on Top video.
Photo: NecoleBitchie.com

Here, she rocks one of the hottest trends of 2012/2013 – black and white. But even though she’s wearing a very trendy color scheme, she still found a way to make it unique. I mean, are those eyes on her shoes? (The better to see you with my dear!)

Photo: ChristianPost.com

Photo: ChristianPost.com

She also had a little fun with the spike trend from last year. Pairing spikes with a bootie and a high heel – all in a day’s work, right?



As simple as these shoes look, they’re one of my faves. I love the pop of color, especially with a bold yellow. Here, she takes care to use the color in her shoes to accent the darker colors in her outfit. Good choice!

Photo: ChitChatLane.com

Photo: ChitChatLane.com

Once again, she shows the power of a pop of color! Don’t let anyone tell you that cobalt blue can’t look great with blacks and greys. It’s one of my favorite combinations to try.

Photo: CelebrityShoesNow.wordpress.com

Photo: CelebrityShoesNow.wordpress.com

Now, we know Ms. Knowles-Carter likes to keep it interesting, and these lace-up, colorful stilettos certainly do the trick.

Photo: TheFashionMuse.com

Photo: TheFashionMuse.com

I think by now y’all know I love a good smoking loafer, and these cat-faced leopard flats hit just the right note of interesting and yet, not too crazy. I like things with just a little flair.

Beyonce' in Charlotte Olympia Leopard flatsPhoto: OohLaLablog.com

Beyonce’ in Charlotte Olympia Leopard flats
Photo: OohLaLablog.com

Yessssss nudes!!!

Photos used from IamBeyonce.com

Photos used from IamBeyonce.com

Anyway, clearly we’ve seen that the woman deserves entry into our shoe spotlight series (the fact that she took a pic of her shoes for her tumblr page also helps – see below). Are you as excited as I am to see what shoes she wears this weekend? And are there any looks you’d like to try on yourself?

Photo: IamBeyonce.com

Photo: IamBeyonce.com




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