The Sex Diet: Is this for real??

18 01 2013


I know it’s January and lots of folks are working on trimming down for the new year, so it was only fitting that a recent Cosmo article discussed a new trendy thing called the Sex Diet.

For those who don’t know the specifics, the diet was coined by Dr. Oz and basically attempts to substitute the highs one gets from consuming carbs with the desire/highs you get from having sex or interacting in a sexy manner. Essentially, more sex, less carbohydrates. Sounds enticing, right? But does it work?

In the Cosmo article, their writer chronicles her experience in a week of trying to survive on the diet. Cliff notes version? It was hard. Sometimes it worked, but other times, she would have sex and still want to eat the bad thing right after. Guess you can call that a double whammy. Either way, the results were quite mixed.

And this was for a woman who’s married and works for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Meaning not only does she have access to penis anytime she wants, but she is more than likely quite open with any desires she may have. You can’t exactly be a prude and work for Cosmo, right?


But if her results were mixed and she could seemingly engage in sexual activities anytime she wanted to in an attempt to curb her carb appetite, what does a single woman like me do? I suppose you could have sex with yourself, but I have a feeling, she’d/I’d still want that chunkey monkey ice cream afterward.

Here’s where my guy friends would say that no woman is ever truly single and that if any woman told a guy that she wanted to have sex every time she thought about eating some Texas Toast garlic bread, she’d have no problem getting volunteers. Silly silly men those guy friends of mine. That logic completely disregards the fact that available peen doesn’t necessarily equate to peen you want. Shocker, I know… that a woman wouldn’t just want to bone any ol’ random bama in DC so she can lose a few lbs. The nerve of her for being choosey! (<– sarcastic font)

Anyway, despite the clear lack of foresight about how truly single women could practice this diet, it still seems intriguing. At the very least, even if it doesn’t work, you got more bow chicka wow wow action in, right? That’s never a bad thing… as long as it’s good. So what do you think, ladies? Would you try it?