OH, So Men Google Us Too, Eh?

16 01 2013
Photo: blogs.telegraph.co.uk

Photo: blogs.telegraph.co.uk

Last year, I mentioned to you guys how a former co-worker of mine was shocked and appalled that women Googled men before going on dates. And while I thought (and still kinda believe) that his resistance was more generational than gender-based, he insisted that it was something no man would ever do.

Okay, I figured. Maybe this was just one of those men are from Mars, women are from Venus type things. That was until I saw an article in Cosmo recently, titled “What Men Want to Know About You,” noting some of the things men Google about women.


Say what now? But I thought men didn’t do such things… Hmmm.

Now, admittedly these were more along the lines of specific topics of concern, like “What is the difference between Spanx, tights, and stockings?” and “If women say that men are all the same, then why do they spend their whole lives searching for the right one?”, but still, a Google search is a Google search.

Anyway, I realized maybe I was right after all- that men do indeed Google women, but that like most things involving guys, this practice was something they didn’t actually discuss with other men. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard men say that they can talk about certain things with their female friends that their boys would clown them about. Maybe, just maybe… Googling is on that list.

And if that’s the case, I say let it go gentlemen. Embrace the researching. We’re doing it (with no shame/heck, I occasionally Google my name to see what comes up too!), so you might as well admit to it as well. I’m sure it would be good for your souls.

Plus, with the type of questions these men were admitting to researching – seems to me like Googling is the least of your concerns AND you’re not even using it correctly. I mean, really – someone asked “on what date is it appropriate to bring up anal?” C’mon guys. Stop it. Google is not where you go to for answers to questions like that… that’s what live friends are for. Google is for making sure he or she is not a socio-path and doesn’t have 12 baby mamas/baby daddies. If you use it that way, it’ll be a LOT more effective.

Any of my guy readers out there ready to admit to using Google? If so, what have you researched?