Knowing Which Shoe Trends Work for YOU

14 01 2013
These Bebe Elle Embellished Pumps are great for black/white shoe trend enthusiasts... but not me.Photo:

These Bebe Elle Embellished Pumps are great for black/white shoe trend enthusiasts… but not me.

By now, we’ve probably all seen what some of the biggest shoe and fashion trends are for the year, including one of my faves, black and white. So why are the shoes above not for me, you ask?

Well, because despite my love for the colors, I know something else about those heels as well – ankle strap shoes just don’t work on me. For those who have never seen me in person, I stand proudly at 5’1 ( 5’1 1/2 on a good day lol). And while that height affords me such luxuries as being able to wear 5in heels and not tower over my future boo, it also means that my calves are not the longest things in the world.

And when you mix short calves and a trend that basically cuts your leg in half, you don’t get a pretty sight. And yet, for years (when I was younger), I still bought them. “But the shoes are to die for,” I’d plea. And then when it came time to wear them, it never quite worked.

That was my first lesson in shoe-dom: make sure the trend works for you. Every year, there will be a gazillion trends thrown at you (true number, by the way), but instead of getting caught up in the glitz and glam of the trend, I now always check to see how it looks on me before I spend any dough.

Last year, in fact, I fell in love with the nude craze. But that was only after I put a few pairs on my feet, saw how they looked and noticed, oh shoot – it really does make your legs look longer! Especially if it’s a pointed toe (and does NOT include an ankle strap). But there have been others that didn’t go as well. I tried to rock Timberlands  for the longest time, even though they never looked right on me. I even tried Lugz y’all. Yes, Lugz. (Don’t judge – they were popular in the south… at one point.)

And you know what I eventually realized? When I tried to work myself into the trend, it was a masterful disaster. So before you go out and spend money on shoes you won’t wear that much, go spin around a few shoe stores for a bit first. It will help you find what works for you and it’ll be a nice fun outing to boot. Who can resist another reason to try on more fab shoes anyway, right?




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