What’s in an Interview: A Shoe Story

9 01 2013
Photo: blog.teenlife.com

Photo: blog.teenlife.com

“Okay. You can do this. Be confident. Be assured. Be yourself.”

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, straightened out my black pencil dress and slid on my go-to interview shoes: my dark green, almost black reptilian pointed toe pumps from Aldo. Since I’d purchased them in college, these shoes had always been the ones I wore to get that job… you know, the one that you really want. They were the ones I wore when I scored my first internship at a nationally published magazine, the ones I wore when I was hired at the local teen program, and the ones I wore when I got my first opportunity to work in government communications.

And here I was again, preparing for my next opportunity. While I’d already spoken with my potential supervisor on the phone, this was my chance to impress. And I knew for sure a couple things: I was ready for this job, I was prepared for this interview, and I was going to kill in these shoes.

I checked one last time to make sure everything was in place, picked up my work bag, double checked to ensure I had my resume and a formal notebook and pen, and then finally made my way to the city. It would be another hour before I actually walked into the building. In that time, I went over every possible question she could ask me. I re-rehearsed some of the typical interview questions, of course, like what are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you do for our company? What are you looking for with this job? And so on and so forth… and I also prepared myself for some of those off-the-wall type questions, like what animal would you be and why? And right before the train pulled into the station I needed, I said one final prayer, asking God for his blessing.

With expectancy and nervousness and excitement and peace (yes, all at once), I quickly walked to the building, not even worrying about how the DC sidewalks were probably tearing up the bottoms of heels. I had other things on my mind at the time. I mean, who could think about something like that when such an amazing opportunity was literally staring me in my face? Well, I won’t lie – it did eventually dawn on me, but luckily, when I did a quick check as I walked into the building, I noticed no real damage had occurred.

Whew! That would not have been the way to get the interview started, that’s for sure.

After signing in to be seen, I found myself waiting another few minutes. Not wanting to sit and wrinkle my dress, I silently shifted my weight on each heel every minute or so until I saw this tall, elegant lady walk down the steps and reach her hands towards mine.

“Hi, you must be Darby,” she said.

“Yes, I am. So nice to finally meet you.”

“Same here. And oh, I love those shoes! I can see you’ll fit right in here,” she said, while motioning towards the conference door.

And just like that, I knew she was right. Me and my shoes had found our new work home, and you couldn’t tear the smile off my face.