Looking for My Meet Cute

7 01 2013
Photo: polyvore.com

Photo: polyvore.com

Meet cute: n. A situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing (according to Wikipedia).

Do you watch romantic comedies? I do. Probably a little too much, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is in most romantic comedies, there’s always that one scene you can pinpoint when the two leading characters meet, and even if it doesn’t go swimmingly in the very beginning – you just KNOW those two are going to end up together by the end of the movie. And nooooo, it’s not just because they’re the two main characters. Even in a movie with several people, the meet cute is there for you to know – these two folks, yeah they’re meant for each other.

Sometimes the characters meet in a funny way or even in a dramatically ridiculous way, like when Matthew McConaughey rescues Jennifer Lopez from a dumpster that’s rolling towards her just as her heel gets caught in the sewer drain in the beginning of The Wedding Planner. Sometimes it’s a little more subdued, like when Jennifer Lopez meets Alex O’Laughlin in The Back-Up Plan while they’re both trying to get into the same cab (hmmm, JLO’s been in a lot of romantic comedies, clearly). But regardless of how it’s done, it sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Now, I get that it’s just the movies. I’m not crazy, promise. But, that’s the beauty of romantic comedies, right? They give you that 90-120 minutes of time to fantasize about how you would want things to go with your potential partner. You get to enjoy seeing two people come together who didn’t think they would, and you get to bask in the eventual perfectness of it all working out in the end.

So why can’t at least some of that translate to real life? Who wouldn’t want to one day tell their grandkids all about the time Mawmaw and Pawpaw met when they bumped into each other at the train station or how they kept running into the same person at all the different functions they went to and one day, there was just that spark of a connection they could no longer deny? How adorable, right? Am I crazy? Is that too hopeless romantic-ey of me?

Is it wrong if I don’t care that it is? Because I think it would be absolutely amazing to have my own meet cute with the future Mr. D-Magic. And more and more, I’m starting to hope it happens sooner rather than later.




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7 01 2013

There is nothing wrong wtih wanting that “meet cute” and being a hopeless romantic. A few people have tried to bring down my very thoughts on this, but I refuse to give up. I just know that my hopelessly romantic meet cute is coming…and soon. I want my grandchildren to know that “fairy tales” can come true and I want one helluva story for them.

8 01 2013

Yesssss!!!!! I love your optimism… and look forward to both of our adorable meet cutes happening in the very near future 🙂

7 01 2013

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and then I started dating in Philly. Lol. But seriously, my fave movie in college was Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore (don’t judge me) and my friends and I always used to say,
I can’t wait until I meet my Walk to Remember”. There is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic as long as you know the difference between movie love and real love.

8 01 2013

Hahahaha Brenda, dating on the East Coast does seem to have that affect on people lol. And no judgment here: I’ve seen a Walk to Remember a couple times as well. It was actually on ABC Family this past weekend. Did you see it?

And you’re absolutely right about knowing the difference. My hopeless romantic sensibilities tend to be balanced out by real world experiences pretty well, but a girl can still dream, right? LOL

15 01 2014
REMINDER: My Life is Not a Romantic Comedy (and Neither is Yours) | Choices, Voices, and Sole

[…] After careful examination, I could see where some of my friends were coming from with their admonishment. Besides the flair-filled statements, I also absolutely find myself in ridiculous predicaments at times while dating guys. I’ve sighed loudly after kissing a dude for the first time. I’ve sizzled my hand while trying to tease someone about thinking I’m hot. I’ve literally been stood up at a ball by the guy I’m dating only to have that same person tell me he wants to marry me 4 months later. I’ve fallen off the bed while trying to seduce someone. Hell, I’ve even arguably had at least two different Mr. Big situations (ugh). And I’ve certainly admitted to wanting to experience my own version of the meet cute. […]

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