Celebrity Shoe Spotlight – Tamar Braxton

2 01 2013


Tamar Braxton. Many words can be used to describe her. Sanger. Reality Star. Sister. Wife. And yes, shoe lover. Because of this last set of words, I’m featuring her for this month’s celebrity shoe spotlight and using her love for embellishments, sparkles, and stripes to show how we can spice up our shoe closet.

Photo: BET Awards 2012/ AceShowbiz.com

Photo: BET Awards 2012/ AceShowbiz.com

In these first two pictures, we can already clearly see her love for sparkles and sequins, whether in a funky color like purple (above) or in a classic silver-white (below). She shows the importance of making sure your shoes make a statement here.

Photo: ForFashionFreaks.blogspot.com

Photo: ForFashionFreaks.blogspot.com

Photo: TheOnlyJaiden.blogspot.com

Photo: TheOnlyJaiden.blogspot.com

Not to ever be out done, Tamar takes it a step further with these sparkled and striped pumps. They are the perfect complement to a simple little black dress and definitely show the spicy side of the singer/entertainer.

Photo: TV Land Screening of Soul ManCredit: FashionBombDaily.com

Photo: TV Land Screening of Soul Man
Credit: FashionBombDaily.com

Even when she’s going for a more classic style, she still works in a some embellishments. These shoes may be chic and pointed toe for elegance, but they are certainly not boring. And the embellishments help them stand out on the red carpet.



With these boots, Tamar shoes that a little stripe of color (or white as the case may be) can go a long way in making a statement. That stripe helped set the outfit right and brought together the entire ensemble.

So what about you? Are you inspired to add a little bedazzlement into your shoe closet? Or do you already own a pair of shoes with juuust the right embellishments? Do tell. I’d love to hear all about them.




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