Gifts for EVERYONE!

21 12 2012
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“YOU get a gift! And YOU get a gift! AND YOUUU get a gift!” – paraphrased from Oprah Winfrey.

Ask any of my close friends and they’ll tell you that I love giving presents. I’m no saint, of course, so I love getting them too. But even if there’s no implication of reciprocity, there’s something magical about seeing the way that the people you care about light up when they open up a gift that they love. And how do I ensure that my friends and family will most often love their gifts?

Simple: I listen to them.

If you know someone well enough, and you listen to what they talk about (outside of the concept of presents), you can very clearly get an idea of what they’d like. So you may not always hit the mark, but more than likely – you will. In that same vein, I feel like I’ve come to “know” several of my readers. And since I “listen” to your comments, here are some gifts/wishes I’d like to bestow upon you all right in time for Christmas. Hope you enjoy!

1. All the bear hugs and forehead kisses your heart desires.

2. An amazing pair of heels that fit you, flatter you, complement your style, and allow you to walk in them for more than 2 hours.

3. Love and support while you chase your dreams and embark on all the various journeys in your lives.

4. Great, mind blowing, call your girls in the morning to shout, make you want to cook for him naked and have flashbacks all day type s.e.x.

5. The perfect date with an amazing guy, in the perfect dress and the perfect shoes, with a perfect ending.

My hope is that all those things come true for every single on of my readers. Is there anything you’d like to wish for everyone?

Merry Christmas you guys and please, do enjoy the holiday season!!!

PS: I’ll be taking off next week, so the blog will officially be on vacation. But come back bright and early Monday morning, December 31st. I’ll have a brand new episode of the Girl Talk podcast for you.




2 responses

28 12 2012
Chasing Joy

Thank you. I’ll take that perfect date scenario. 🙂

I wish everyone health, a positive attitude, and happiness.

28 12 2012

You’re welcome!! 😉

And I will gladly take your wishes as well. Thanks!!!

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