Celebrity Shoe Spotlight – Kelly Rowland

26 11 2012

Kelly Rowland in Giuseppe Zanotti
Photo credit: Bet.com

While most know Kelly Rowland as a member of the dynamic group, Destiny’s Child, and most recently as a solo star all her own, I’ve recently learned that she has a shoe addiction just like me!

According to Bet.com, this shoe addiction is well-documented too.

We thought we were obsessed with fly shoes, but Kelly Rowland may have us beat! “I’m a shoe whore. I own almost over 200 pairs,” the “Motivation” singer told Juicy magazine. In 2011 the former Destiny’s Child waxed poetic about her relationship with her heels in the documentary God Save My Shoes and even admitted to naming them and treating them like children!

Well, there’s no way I could miss out on the chance to spotlight someone who’s taken to naming her shoes, could I? I could not. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Kelly’s shoe highlights over recent years.

In these trendy Christian Louboutins, Kelly shows off her love for color  at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles. May 15, 2010. We’ll see throughout her shoe highlights an appreciation for color and trendy styles.

Photo credit: MTV.com

These red boots are another example of how she loves to throw in a bold accent color with her outfit. And who can blame her for wanting to wear a hot red shoe to spice up an all white dress? Not me!

Photo credit: SandraRose.com

Even when going for more of a casual look, Kelly stills finds a way to throw in a trendy color, mixing a hot pink heel with some khakis and a tshirt.

Photo Credit: ShatterProofGlassDolls.com

In this next shoe highlight, Kelly goes for a black heel with colorful embellishments to offset her cobalt blue suit. Love!

Photo Credit: ShoeRazzi.com

And even when she chooses to go for a neutral color, she still wears a shoe that’s very trendy and still shows her flirty and playful side.

Photo Credit: FashionBombDaily.com

As you can tell, I am in love with Kelly’s love for colors and different trends. I’ve even admitted to shoe shopping by determining what colors I was missing in my shoe closet. But what about you? Are you a fan of various colors and trends with your shoes? Why or why not?




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