What’s Up With the Breast Fascination, Fellas?

16 11 2012

I know, I know… but I couldn’t exactly put a photo of a woman’s breasts on here, now could I? That wouldn’t be suitable for work. Photo: Shapesense.com

For those who have actually seen me in person, you know that I have what some like to call, an ample bosom. And while that hasn’t always been the case (who grows 3 bra sizes their junior year in college?!?!), I have, over time, learned how to accentuate my chest without being slutty and also when to attempt to cover it up.

I’ve also learned that despite my best efforts to bring attention to other assets that I like more on my body, my chest is usually one of the first things men notice. Sure, the nice guys will say they noticed my smile or my eyes. And the ones who know that I’m slightly raunchy myself, will say that they noticed my bootylicious derriere, but when even minimally grilled – the truth comes out. It’s hard to miss the triple Ds staring you in your face (or chest, or stomach, depending on the guy’s height).

But while one could argue that men are sometimes fascinated with my chest because of the size, I’d argue that men are just fascinated with breasts period. I have friends who are a part of the itty bitty titty club – and guess what? They get the same reactions. Even in the boudoir, even with black men who are supposed to stereotypically be arse men, (I’ve been told) the fascination is still there.

But why?

Well, according to an article I recently read on IVillage, courtesy of AskMen.com, titled 10 Reasons Men Love Your Breasts, there are a variety of reasons for the interest. Of these, some of the notable things explanations they offered were:

They’re calming.

They’re a symbol of fertility, so subconsciously, men are drawn to them.

Men are stimulated visually, so they can’t help but be fascinated by two balloons on a woman.

Breasts have the allure of taboo.

There’s societal pressure on men to be fascinated by them. (Honestly, this was my favorite reason of the bunch. I mean, huh?)

After reading the article, I have to tell you, I was left with more questions than answers. I still didn’t really believe I understood where the fascination came from, since outside of the calming explanation – everything read like a bunch of crock reasons to me. And then, I wanted to know if some of the reasons they gave were actually legit. I mean, really – breasts are taboo? Since when? This isn’t 1956, right?

So I’m bringing the question to you, dear readers. What are some of your theories about why men love boobs so much. And do you think women who like women are just as fascinated? Let’s talk.




4 responses

16 11 2012

I like women. I don’t like like women, but I like women, and I am fascinated by breasts (because my -34AAAAs ARE JUST WRONG, MOTHER NATURE YOU BITCH!). I think breasts, for men, are comforting (although that’d mean my husband has had zero comfort the last 18 years. Hm.) If a man is approaching from the front, they are kinda the first things they see (as do I, even though I don’t like like girls and even though yes, sometimes I do want to snuggle against them (see? comfort!). It’s just that I feel robbed for not having any outside of pregnancy so I tend to stare and call you mean names in my head. Could it be that men (OK, MOST men) don’t have boobs so that’s why they’re drawn? But then, they don’t have vaginal quarters either, so…I think I’m just rambling.

I want boobs.

16 11 2012

hahaha thanks for commenting!

I definitely think you’re right on the comfort thing. I’ve had my fair share of guys who think that my boobs are automatic pillows for them for some reason. But I just feel like there has to be more to it. I can’t imagine that a guy or gal is in the club, salivating over boobs, saying to himself/herself – man those things look comfortable LOL

But maybe they are! I have no idea lol

16 11 2012

I always thought they liked them because they didn’t have them lol.

17 11 2012

But what about the mens who are like Ricky Rozay and have boobies of their own? haha

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