OH, I Guess They Liked Me!

12 11 2012

PS: This title should be read as if you’re singing the song Oh I Think They Like Me by Dem Franchise Boys.

Just the other day, I made a pretty significant purchase. It wasn’t significant because of the price or anything like that, but it was more because it signified my beginning acceptances of change.

I bought a VHS to DVD converter.

Now that might not seem like a big deal for some folks, but for me – it’s a HUGE DEAL. I’m the girl who still owns a TV with a VCR included because I still watch VHS tapes. I also still own a Blackberry and enjoy my yahoo email account. Sue me. So anyway, after I purchased the converter, I hit up Mandy Pants, because she was the one who sent me the deal in the first place. We were chitchatting about how excited she was for me when the following interaction occurred:

“Now you can watch Thriller and New Edition on DVD,” she said.

“And the Motown 25th Anniversary Special, and my 8 hour Tupac compilation, and POLLY!”

“Wait, you still watch all of those?”

“Heck yeah! And in college, I used to make the guys I dated/wanted to date watch them too. I think Jake saw Polly and Motown more times than any man should admit to.”

“Wow, those guys must have really liked you.”

“You know what? I guess they did.”

Funny enough, I’d never thought of it like that. I guess they did like me because not only did they watch those tapes, but they also didn’t complain, and they sometimes watched them multiple times lol. Looking back with hindsight, I can see that this was probably torture – but at the time, I didn’t feel any sympathy. It was almost like I felt as if they should want to watch them because they were able to spend time with me!

Amazing how vain we can be and not realize it, right?

Anyway, that made me wonder about all the other times I’d doubted if someone liked me. Usually, if I bothered to talk to my guy friends about it, they’d say stuff like “no guy does such and such unless he’s interested in you,” as if all things were always black and white like that. But maybe they were onto something.

We always say judge a guy by his actions, but how often do we actually put that preaching into practice — either good or bad? I know I can admit I’ve doubted my judgment on it in the past and probably a bit in the present too lol. But, I’m trying to put it into action now.

So, note to self – if a guy willingly watches Polly and the Motown Anniversary special with you multiple times, he probably likes you. Duly noted. Now, all I need to do is get a DVD player for these DVDs I’ll be making. One step at a time, folks.




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