Hey Republicans, Don’t Spam My Texts!

2 11 2012

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This Tuesay night, around 8pm, I received the following text message:

Obama voted against medical care for late-term abortion survivors while in IL. Stop Obama!

Say what, say huh?

At first, I thought it was some kind of crazy text spam, but when I logged onto my Facebook account, I noticed many of my friends had received their own variations of the Stop Obama text messages. Is this what we’re resorting to in politics? Illegally texting (well, anonymously emailing to text as a loophole to the illegal part) people to scare them into voting against the President?!

This is just… wow.

I’ve dibbled and dabbled in politics enough that sadly not much tends to surprise me. This though? Oh, it surprised me. Kinda scared me (big brother is always watching). And definitely, definitely pissed me all the way off.

It’s bad enough I have to see commercials spewing foolishness about the sitting President of the United States (you know, when I’m actually watching live TV), but now I have to be subjected to it through my texts as well! Whether I want to or not! What the hell?!

On top of that, do you know how cruel it is to send a text to a single woman on a Tuesday night?! When a text comes through, I’m hoping it’s from that guy I met the other day leaving the gym. Or maybe the guy who still makes me giggle on the phone even though he lives a million miles away. Or better yet, some guy I’ve met recently wanting to see when I’m available for date. So imagine my uber duper disappointment when I  saw that it was from some anonymous conservative group, berating the man I already voted for!

I mean, people – if you’re going to skirt the legal system and text folks semi-illegally, shouldn’t you at least do some kind of marketing research first?!

A: I already voted – for the other guy.

B: Even if I hadn’t, everything about me is opposed to Romney and what he sometimes stands for: I’m Black, a woman, educated, I like birth control and don’t think I have a right to tell another woman what to do with her body, I have beautiful friends who are gay whose weddings I’d like to one day attend, I have massive student loans from graduate school, and I’m all for getting as many people healthcare as possible… you know, just to name a few things.

Also, ummmm how dare you just ASSUME I have unlimited text messages! I do, but what if I didn’t? I’d have been charged for this crap???!! Let me tell you something right now – if this becomes a trend for other campaigns, we will have a problem.

I already have to avoid text messages from exes looking to see if cuffin’ season has me in a particularly vulnerable mood. The last thing I want to do is have to avoid Conservative attack groups too on my cellular phone.

This is not OK. Do you hear me? There’s not one bit of okay-ness involved in this mess.




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5 11 2012
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