Top 5 Dates for the Fall

19 10 2012


I think we all know by now that dating can be either really boring or really really fun. For those of us that have had the chance to experience some of the really fun ones, you also know that there are what I like to call, seasonal options for dating.

For example, go cart racing is loads of fun. Probably not in January in Chicago, though. And you couldn’t exactly try to go ice skating in July in New Orleans. So for those of you looking to date this autumn, here are my 5 best things for you to try.

Football game

Okay, full disclosure – I’m a southern pigskin girl. But going to a football game can be so much fun! And on the plus side, you don’t have to have amazing (and therefore expensive) seats to make it fun. You’ll have just as much fun at the very top of the stadium with all the crazies painted in your local team’s colors.

Pumpkin carving party or festival

You’d be suprised at how much fun carving a pumpkin can be! Plus, you get to find out a lot about the person’s creativity, their okayness with getting dirty, and ummm his or her knife skills. If he or she is too good and has never done it before, you might want to ask why lol

Drive-thru movie theater

If your city has these, it’s the perfect way to do the movies without seeming cliche’. And the great thing about going during the fall and not the summer is that you can go earlier because it gets dark earlier now, and you don’t have to worry about the blazing heat outside. You can both wrap up in a nice warm blanket while you watch some oldie but goodie on the screen.

The park or some other outside location

I know we always think of doing the picnic type activities in the summer, but the beginning of fall can be an even better option. There’s so much color around you as the leaves are changing, and if you’re into looking at the stars and such – you can probably go to a park as early as 8 and go star gazing (while staring deeply into each other’s eyes lol).

Costume Party

You can totally dress up and have such a good time, ummm seeing how good they are at roll play lol. No, but really, costume parties are the perfect opportunity to let loose and have a good time. What better way to cut out any pressure of a date?

Anyway, what other dates do you guys think are perfect for this time of the year? And have you tried any of the ones I’ve suggested?

PS: I’m really late with this message, but I wanted to thank every one who voted for me in the semi-finalist round of the Black Weblog Awards. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the finalist round, but I am more than humbled by the people who took the time to vote and who have continued to read this blog over the years. Thanks y’all! And Happy HU Homecoming!!




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