If I Could Create a Man…

10 10 2012

Yes, yes… it might actually take this many men for me to create the guy of my dreams lol
Photo: Juncturemag.com

“I can’t even remember what I was doing at 26 now.” I sat there in my bed, really trying to think about that time in my life.

“I know. You were getting ready to meet me.”

“Oh, is that so?”



“You saying you weren’t?”

I couldn’t say that. Technically, I definitely wasn’t getting ready to meet him, since I’m pretty sure I was in some kind of relationship. But, I did meet him when I was 27 and the idea was kinda cute, I guess. Either way, he was being cute when he said it. And he knew I wasn’t going to stomp all over that cuteness. It probably also helped that I was just sitting there on the phone, cheesing like a high school girl, so I couldn’t pull myself together to refute his claim.

“Uh huh. That’s what I thought.”


There I was, smiling again. I actually think I smiled through the whole conversation. Not because he could see me, because clearly we were on the phone and he couldn’t – but because talking to him made me happy. It always had, actually.

That wasn’t why we didn’t work out.

In the years that had passed since we didn’t work out though, I’d dated my fair share of guys. And while obviously, none of those had worked out either – each guy had shown me different things that I liked and didn’t like in a man.

And after chit chatting with this one on his birthday for a couple hours, I started wondering how awesome it would be to take all those great things about those guys, combine them together, and create one spectacularly amazing guy… just for me.

Now, obviously, logically – I know this can’t happen. And I also know that if I were to create the perfect guy, chances are he wouldn’t think I was the perfect girl, but for the purposes of my dreams, just go with me here.

So based on the guys I’ve dated the past few years, here are the things that I would be sure to include when creating my perfect guy for me (think of it like the ingredients to a Future Mr. D-Magic cake):

– the ability to make me laugh at the stupidest things

– focused ambition, but also the desire to share those goals with me and let me be a part of his dreams

– the ability to turn me into a high school girl with just the mention of his name, the sight of his call coming through the phone, or the sound of his voice

– a great appreciation for and ability in eating watermelon and shucking oysters

– a great education (school and worldly), but not in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable around him because he comes off higher than others

– football junky

– basketball junky

– political junky

– a love for God and desire to have a great relationship with Him

– an openness to other cultures and traditions

– an appreciation for experiencing different things, like different foods, locations, activities

– a zest for life

– an appreciation for me as his partner in life

– the ability to get along with my many different groups of friends and family

– the ability to just make me feel happy, safe, and comfortable

Now, I get that a lot of these are very specific, but that’s because I guess I’ve been lucky enough to get portions of these from the various guys. Unfortunately, they just weren’t all in the same guy lol. Maybe one day, though, right? A girl can only dream.

Anyway, that’s what would go into my dream guy cake. What about you all? What would you include in your ingredients if you could create your own guy, made especially for you?




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15 10 2012
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