In Honor of Your Best Assets…

5 10 2012

She gets it…

aka: I love my booty, yep, yep, I love my arse.

A couple years ago, my friends and I decided we would play this game where we strategically named 10 things about our bodies that we loved. Now, the idea behind this game was to stand in front of the mirror butt naked and really look at yourself, and instead of focusing on the flaws of your body (which is very natural for women), we wanted to focus on the things we loved. Not liked, loved.

The kicker was that those things had to be physical attributes (so, no saying things like I love my laugh) and you had to stand in that mirror looking at yourself until you came up with 10 things you could passionately speak about loving on your body. Admittedly, this exercise was easier for some to do than others, but all of us struggled at some point to really come up with 10 things we loved.

Eventually, we all did and subsequently shared our 10 things with each other. While I’m not sure if everyone who participated even thinks about the game these days, it’s certainly something that I have found myself returning back to at times. I use it almost as a reminder that when it can be so easy to be critical of ourselves, it’s so much more uplifting to find the good things about all of us.

Now, I’m not going to go through and list all of my ten today, but I will tell you that my number one thing I loved was my butt. What’s funny is that if I really think about it, my butt has probably been my favorite ahem, asset, for the last 5 or 6 years. It just took doing this exercise for me to really acknowledge that. And yet, as much as I love my butt (for various reasons), I really can’t tell you why I love it more than anything else on my body. I just do.

Maybe it’s because most people don’t get compliments on their butts (at least not appropriate ones), so I feel like she deserves some recognition. Sure, I also love my smile, but I’m told really nice things about my smile all the time. The only compliments my butt gets are either sexual or come at the end of a playful slap from friends. You don’t exactly hear anyone say, “you know, you have a beautiful butt.” So, maybe there’s a part of me that feels if no one else says it, I need to. So I do, incidentally – all the time.

Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate my butt even more and figure out ways to show her off without being slutty. And more importantly, whenever I’m having a moment when I might be feeling un-pretty (all women know about those), I know that I can slip on a pair of heels and strut around my apt showing her off (even if it’s just to me). And in the end, it makes me happier and filled with more joy. After all, there’s nothing like the feeling of feeling pretty, right?

So, since I was able to gain an appreciation for my butt and 9 other physical things I love about myself – I’m now pushing the game to you all. I want all of you to take some time and stand in the mirror and come up with your top 10 favorite things about your body. You don’t have to list all 10 here, but I’d love to hear at least what folks’ #1 things are.

I know this technically isn’t about relationships, politics, or shoes – but, I think the more we’re able to find things we love about ourselves, the better off we’ll be in those relationships with others. So let’s celebrate our best assets here today. I can’t wait to read some of your faves!




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