Tips for my Future Husband – #6

3 10 2012


Know your way around mathematical formulas

In the last installment of tips for my future husband, I talked about the fact that he needed to like reading, you know, something. But recently, after a twitter convo with one of my favs, I realized something just as important – how much I suck at math.

Now, why is it important to know that I suck at math and formulas? Well, if we’re blessed enough, I hope that me and Mr. Future D-Magic will be able to have children. And the last thing I want to do is pass down my math suckiness to my children. Since I really really suck at math, that is a very great and dangerous possibility.

It’s really quite strange actually. In high school, I never made anything less than a B in my math classes, and amazingly in college, I made all A’s! (We won’t discuss the fact that I only had to take two courses of Algebra to graduate.) But, I would be lying if I said I didn’t fight for those grades. And once I graduated – I’d be lying even more if I said I kept any of that stuff in this noggin of mine.

Case in point – some time ago, while in grad school, I worked part time at a teen program in the city. Now, the teen program was based on fun workshops that reinforced certain critical functions for them, like reading, research, science, writing, life skills, etc… Awesome, right? Except that math was a part of that as well. And more specifically, helping them with math homework. Since I know my lane, I tended to steer away from that part of the job, however.

Well, one day, I called myself helping one of the teens with his math homework because none of the other counselors were available. This poor kid went to school the next day and realized he’d gotten everything wrong on his homework sheet. Everything y’all! Needless to say, I went back to just helping out on Social Studies and English homework from that point forward.

But that example just goes to show the severity of why my future husband needs to be great at solving mathematical formulas. Someone’s gotta break the cycle! I’m doing this for the kids!

Now, I’m not saying that future Mr. D-Magic needs to be a mathematical genius. No, no – he doesn’t need to be some Darren Sharper version of Doogie Howser. I just think it might be helpful to have a parent in the household who the kids can turn to when mommy says that they must be working on that “new math” – ie: anything over and beyond multiplication, division, and fractions.

That’s not too much to ask for, right?




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