A Date to Remember: Shoe Story

1 10 2012

If you saw me that night, I probably looked a lot like her – completely enthralled.
Photo: MadameNoire.com

Him: So how are you looking Wed evening after work?

Me: Wed should work, barring anything crazy happening.  But I have to warn you that I banged my right foot into one of the moving bins last night. I’m telling you this so that you can already have your jokes ready to go if you end up seeing me with one of those ugly boot things on.

Him: lol I won’t laugh at you, don’t worry. Is 7ish good for you?

Me: Yep, that’s perfect. And I don’t believe you for one bit that you won’t laugh, but we’ll see lol.

We emailed for a little while longer that afternoon, and I’m sure if anyone had walked into my little secluded cubicle in the midst of our back and forth email chats, they would have almost certainly thought I was talking to someone who was promising me a million bucks. In actuality, I was talking to a guy I’d met a couple weeks before. And we were making plans for our first date.

As is customary with my life, it took both of us a bit of time to actually work out our schedules. I was in the process of moving. He was just a guy with a lot going on. So for almost two weeks, we spent our time emailing each other every day and working our way up to the moment when we’d actually see each other again.

When the time finally came, I was a nervous wreck. It had been a while since I’d gone on a first date at this point. And since this guy would be the first first date after Jake, I wasn’t quite sure if I knew what folks did on them anymore. Also, he was really witty, at least over email, and I was horrified that the date would be the complete opposite – you know, dead, awkward silence. And to top it all off, I’d banged my foot on one of my moving boxes the week before we finally made some serious plans.

It wasn’t just any old moving box, mind you. No, It was a really big box……. of books. And somehow, I’d managed to not see this gigantic box in the middle of my floor one night while walking to the bathroom. And because of that horrible, horrible moment, I was stuck wearing the ugliest blue shoe boot ever created.

I did not want to wear that shoe boot on my first date. Not this date, and not this guy.

Luckily for me, the night before we were supposed to meet, I decided I would at least try to see if I could get my foot into a closed-toe shoe. Not wanting to risk it with a heel, I decided to go with what I liked to call my Michael Jackson flats. These shoes were the epitome of MJ style. They were black pointed toe flats with silver sparkles and sequins all over them, and as MJ was known to do with his white socks or sequined glove, I already knew that if I could wear them, they would have to be the focal point of the outfit.

I slipped the left one on with no problems.  Then, I looked at that right shoe and that right foot and gave them both one of those mama looks, like “you better behave, now.” Inch by inch, I slid the right shoe onto my foot until, lo and behold, it was completely on – and with no pain!

That was all the validation I needed. I quickly picked out the outfit to go with the shoes – trouser jeans, a burnt orange blouse and my dark blue cardi from J Crew. I was ready and more confidant than I’d been since we initially made the plans. I went to bed knowing I would most certainly have a great time. After all, God had made a way for me to not wear that shoe boot.

The next day went by pretty slowly at work. I’d look up at 10 and then look up again after what seemed like 5 hours and see that it was just 10:15. By the time 5:30 came around, I felt like I’d been at work for 17 hours. The bright side was that even in the midst of my long long day, I hadn’t been panicking, so all was going pretty okay.

And then came 5:45 pm. My arm pits began to sweat. My hands started shaking uncontrollably. My heart was racing a mile a minute. I was definitely in full on panic mode.

Somehow, I calmed myself down enough to call one of my besties. And like the great friend she is, she proceeded to get me together. But I still talked to her for the next hour and then pleaded enough that she eventually agreed to stay on the phone with me while I left my job and walked the 5 or so minutes it would take to get to the restaurant he’d picked.

Walking those couple blocks seemed to take just as long as my day had been earlier. And of course, my heart started to race again. My nerves were getting the best of me, even while my girl was on the phone attempting to calm me down! So many things ran through my head during this walk. We’d met at a networking event in a club, so what if he wasn’t as cute as I remembered? Oh gosh, what if I wasn’t as cute as he remembered? What if we would only be good as email pen pals? What if, what if, what if?

My friend listened to me ask all these questions, each time saying the same thing – “There’s no need for you to be nervous. You guys have been getting to know each other for weeks. This will be good.”

And I believed her, but I kinda didn’t believe her.

It wasn’t until I saw him standing there, chatting up some folks at the door, that I finally pulled myself together.

“He’s here already. Gotta go,” I said, rushing her off the phone as if she was the one who’d held me hostage on the phone for over an hour.

He looked up at me. We caught each other’s eyes. And we both smiled. Not a nervous smile, but more like a ‘It’s really good to see you,” smile. And all my nerves instantly washed away.



“You look really nice,” he said, while leaning in for a hug.

“Thanks! You too!” I gave him a playful once over.

“And no ugly boot, I see.” He’d clearly given me the once over as well.

“Nope, no ugly boot.”

“Good, because I was definitely going to clown you.”

“Oh, I’m more than aware of that fact.” I laughed. He laughed. And we continued laughing for the next four hours, covering every topic imaginable but really just talking like we’d known each other for years.

This was definitely a good first date, I thought, as things started winding down. All my fears had flown away, especially the one about whether he was as cute as I remembered. Even the waitress showed her approval when he wasn’t looking by winking and nodding towards us. And best of all, I’d been able to rock my MJ flats instead of that boot. I’m pretty sure it made all the difference. At least that’s what I’d tell myself while cheesing my way back home.

PS: Thanks to some of my amazing readers, Choices, Voices, and Sole was nominated in 4 categories for the Black Weblog Awards. Please take a moment to head over to their page to vote for yours truly in the following categories: Best Writing in a Blog, Best Personal Blog, Best Blog Post Series (for the Shoe Stories) and Best Sex or Relationship Blog. You can vote here –> Black Weblog Awards voting page. Semi-finalist voting ends TODAY.




2 responses

11 10 2012

Love this!! I’m glad you were able to leave the boot at home. First dates are the best, so full of promise!

11 10 2012

Thanks Brenda! I’m glad I was able to leave that ugly thing home as well. It was just awful looking! lol If you image search “blue medical shoe,” I’m sure it will come up as one of the first options.

As for the first date, it was really promising! The guy and I are just friends now, but it was a really nice first date and I was definitely a giddy one after it was over lol

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