The Shoe Contest You DON’T Want to Miss

29 08 2012

Ladies, there aren’t many times I complain about having a Blackberry and not an IPhone, but this might by a very very HUGE exception. I’m not sure how many of my readers watch the WeTV show, The Braxton Family Values – but for those of you who do not, you should know that the women on the show pride themselves on having a mean shoe game.

Because of their love for shoes, WeTV instituted an amazing contest to help promote this season – a weekly shoe contest where the top two winners win $500 to use at DSW.

So why am I a big big jelly belly right now? Well, it seems the contest is being done over instagram. Grrrrr…. so that means yours truly can’t participate, even though you know I was all prepared to enter the contest with a different shoe each week! But since I can’t enter, I had to share it with you guys. Visit the website for more details.

Let me know if you end up entering the contest… and if you do, feel free to put your link in the comments section! I’d love to see some of my fav readers’ fav shoes 🙂

Best of luck!!!




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