I Have the Perfect Date Dress…

20 08 2012

She may think she’s found the perfect dress, but she would be wrong. Because I have it. Photo: LiesYoungWomenBelieve.com

I have the perfect date dress and no date to wear it.

I know that sounds kind of whiny, but trust me, my lament is over the dress more so than the date. I mean, this dress has it all. You know how I love for my shoes to make the statement in the outfit? Not with this dress; all you would need is a simple nude heel to cap off what it already exudes. And I get the feeling that this dress would be even more fun at the end of the date, once the pumps have come off my feet and I’m squealing and jumping around my apartment because the date was so good. Or maybe even when I’m fluttering around his apartment, waiting for him to pour us a glass of wine or make a cup of coffee because we just couldn’t end the date just yet.

Yeah, those are the kind of moments I think dress is meant for.

Not just any ol’ date; this dress is a date dress meant to inspire, and I don’t want to waste it on just any random occasion. Which brings me back to my dilemma of not having a date to wear it to. Do you know how frustrating it is to have the perfect date dress in your closet and not have the perfect date for it? I don’t know if I’ve quite made myself clear just yet.

This dress has s3x appeal, but isn’t slutty. It shows off a bit of cleavage with its sweetheart neckline, but not so much that the wearer comes off easy. It perfectly fits my torso (and since I’m short, that’s a major coup) and then frays out at the hips to give a full skirt. The main colors are blue and white with several colors embellishing the hem (like pink, yellow, purple, green, etc…). And while that may sound crazy, it looks absolutely amazing and fits my personality to a tee –> on first glance, you see, it looks cute and conservative with a hemline that hits right below my knees, but on closer examination, it’s kind of risque and has a bit of a wild side. And it has pockets! POCKETS!!!

What makes it even better is that I oopsed up on the dress. I went to Target one day in an attempt to get a bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria and just decided to stop in the clothing section while I was there. And while I liked the dress enough to buy it when I tried it on in the store, to my utter surprise, I didn’t realize its potential until I came home, tried it on again with the right bra, cardi, and shoes. Instantly, I knew what this dress could do. I knew it deserved perfection.

What it doesn’t deserve is to just sit in my closet. Except that’s what it’s been doing. Just hanging there. And I’ve been out on semi-dates since I bought it. But this dress deserves more than a semi-date. This dress makes me want to dance in the rain or hold hands in the park (and I’m not even really into holding hands in public). This dress makes me want to walk on the beach or spend the night dancing to Donny Hathaway in my guy’s home.

This dress makes me want to twirl around and smile all night long. It makes me want to have that moment where I can’t stop smiling at the guy in my presence, and I realize I’m thinking about what will happen between us when this dress hits the floor.

I have the perfect date dress, you see. And plenty of plans for it. But still, nowhere to wear it.




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