No Other High Like It

15 08 2012


Have you ever gone on a really amazing date?

I mean, like call your friends right after it’s over, stand at your front door and just smile taking in the moment, dance around your place because you’re so excited, amazing kind of date? I have. On a few occasions.

And I have to tell you – there’s something about going on a date like that that just invigorates you and makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do and nowhere you can’t go. You feel like your smile will never go away, like the world is in the palm of your hands, like rainbows and butterflies are following you with every step you take. You feel like, to quote the great Whitney Houston, a million dollar bill.

And I think you might even feel like you’re on the greatest high ever. Now, granted, the closest I’ve ever been to being high (outside of being drunk, which I think is different) was when they gave me laughing gas for my dental procedures last year. I was high high high y’all. I mean, you know you’re high when you envision yourself as a cartoon, ballroom dancing with a cartooned version of the guy you’re dating, and it’s all set in the library scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Yea, that happened.

But the thing is, that’s how you feel after an amazing date too! Well, at least that’s how I feel. I feel like I could ballroom dance in someone’s big library all night long! And I’ve never really ballroom danced, like ever. But after an amazing date, I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.

And the crazy thing is that on the few occasions when this has happened, it hasn’t been because the actual date was so stunningly creative or fantastic. I’ve never taken a private jet to Paris just to kiss underneath the Eiffel Tower or trotted off to the Grand Canyon to see one of the wonders of the Americas. No, my dates have been simple (some extremely romantic, some not necessarily intended to be), but mostly they were amazing just because in that time with that guy, I felt like we ruled the world. Our connection was so on point that if the date had gone on for 15 more hours, I don’t think I would have been tired of being around him. And that’s maybe not so much about the date and more about the guy… but right afterward, all I could think about was that date with that guy.

My friends will tell you how obvious it is when I’ve had an amazing date. I sound like the happiest, girliest girl in the universe. I can’t stop telling little details, like “and then he said ‘hi.’ agggggghhhhh, I almost fainted right there!” I become quite possibly every cliched stereotype of a girl in-like, and at that moment, I don’t care one bit. I’m enjoying myself. I’m enjoying my high.

It’s the best feeling – that moment right after an amazing date. Have you had a chance to experience it yet?




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15 08 2012

Ha ha! You were right, I did enjoy today’s post. Likely because I’ve on a 3-4 week great date high! And I totally agree that usually the dates that leave me floating on cloud 29 (because 9 isn’t high enough) are the ones that are simple or completely unplanned. Like an impromptu dinner invitation, grabbing a few beers at a dive or just taking a walk through your city. I always find that my most swoon worthy dates are the ones that have a special moment – like the minute someone cracks a joke that will forever be an inside joke between you two or the contented silence that comes with not talking because you don’t HAVE to and not because you’ve got nothing to say.

Ok. Obvs I’m experiencing a lot of this lately. So I’ll stop waxing poetic on your comments and just go back to grinning like a silly school girl whose crush just asked her to go steady!

15 08 2012

Yaaaay! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

And yes, your dating high is very likely why you liked it lol… but that’s awesome! That means maybe I somewhat captured that feeling lol. And I love your excitement about your own experiences… you can “hear” it in your writing!

16 08 2012

Ahh…I remember those days and that feeling. I think after being married for a while, you get caught up in routines sometimes. But when you get that high, its takes forever for you to come back down. Enjoy the feeling ladies! And keep sharing, i love hearing about that gushy stuff.

16 08 2012

Hey Brenda! I’m actually speaking from a past experience here that I thought of recently, but I definitely enjoyed the feeling then. Hoping to be able to enjoy it again soon in the presence tense. In the meantime, we’ll both live vicariously through Erika’s gushy stuff lol

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