Sneakers I’m Psyched About!

13 08 2012

I am not what one would call a tennis shoe girl. I think I have like maybe 6 pairs in my closet, and of those 6, two are for working out, one my sister gave to me, 2 are what I like to call “fake me out” sneakers because they’re from Aldo and have no grips on the bottom, and one is actually a pair I bought myself just because I thought they were cute.

It’s quite sad.

But despite the lack of sneakers in my closet, I do appreciate a cute pair when I see one, and I understand that not all my readers are about the stiletto heel as much as I am – so here are a few pairs that my sneaker lovers will enjoy:

Women’s Adidas Samoa Shoes

You can get these classic shoes with a twist for only $65 at

Nike Air Max 90

The Nike store has these tennis shoes for $100, and they come in three different color arrangements.

Supra Skytop Sneakers – Urban Outfitters

Get these peach-colored high tops from Urban Outfitters for $95.

You can get this more sophisticated twist on the Chuck Taylor sneakers for $113.

Alexander Wang croc-print leather sneakers

These black leather sneakers will run you $425 from

What do you all think? Would you get any of these? And are you a sneaker/tennis shoe girl? If so, where do you get your shoes normally?




4 responses

13 08 2012

I LOVE how you said you have six pairs of sneakers and aren’t a “tennis shoe girl”. Lol. I love to wear sneakers on my casual days. I acually own the 2nd sneaker from the top in purple ( my fave color). I saw a coworker wearing them and I ran out that weekend to get them, Lol. I used to go to to get all my sneaks when I was in college. Nowadays I just pop into Models.

14 08 2012
Running shoes » Adidas Women’s Samoa ML Casual

[…] Sneakers I'm Psyched About! « Choices, Voices, and Sole […]

14 08 2012

LOL I tend to use the names interchangeably, Brenda. I grew up saying “tennis shoes” but in DC, folks tend to use “sneakers” so both come out when I talk (and apparently write) hahaa.

And that’s so funny! Your story totally sounds like something I would do, but it would probably be with a pair of heels instead lmao! And hmmm, I’ll have to check out this Models place….

31 03 2016
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