Guess Who Won’t Be Placing Sports Bets this Year… *Raises Right Hand*

10 08 2012

I doubt this guy would flake out on his betting responsibilities…

Well, well, well folks – it’s that time of year again and with preseason football officially underway, I’ve decided one thing for sure this year: no sports bets with men.

Why, you might ask? Oh, the reason is very simple – because rarely if ever do they make good on their bets when they lose to a woman. I know that’s a generalization, but it comes from empirical evidence I’ve procured over the past several years.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that I’m a woman who is girly but also thoroughly enjoys her sports. I also tend to have good teams (what can I say, winners roll with winners) that I root for, and now tend to either date or befriend men who are rivals of said teams. So the logical thing to do when those factors collide is to bet on the games in which our teams face off, right?


Well, the only thing wrong with that is that for the past several years, my teams have all won said face offs. I’ve placed no less than 5 sports bets in that time with various men (and money was not involved as I don’t like to bet over 10 cents on anything – seriously, I’m a great cheerleader, but the worst person you want to bring to a casino if betting is what you want to do), won all 5 bets and had a whopping ZERO men make good on them.

What kind of fockery is that, I ask?

The kind that only men feel like they can get away with. Now, listen -I haven’t always had this string of good fortune when it comes to my teams. In fact, on occasion, I’ve been on the other side of winning (yes, I refuse to say I lost lol). And you know what happened? I owned that and did what I had to do. I wore the stupid outfit or sang the stupid song or even performed the ahem, “activity” asked of me. All because I respect the unwritten rules of sports betting.

But what have I received in return? No love, I say. No love at all. I’ve received excuse after excuse for why said guy couldn’t make good on his bet and so enough is enough… no more bets for me. No more double or nothings, because what happens is I win again and then the guy still doesn’t make good on his bet. No more believing in “oh I got you this time.” None of that.

I’ll just stick to enjoying the feeling when my team whips their teams’ butts. And I guess that’ll have to be enough for now lol.




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