Girl Talk Episode 3: You Gon’ Learn Today, Volume 1

27 07 2012

If anyone has seen Kevin Hart’s special, Laughin’ at My Pain, you know that one of his more popular sayings goes “Alright, alright, alright – you gon’ learn today!” Well, in that same spirit of laughter and teaching, this month’s podcast is all about what we think men need to know about approaching women and making it through the first few dates.

The episode is a bit longer than usual, but it’s well worth the extra minutes. Take a listen, enjoy, and feel free to comment on anything we discussed (and the new intro!).

*Oh and ps: There’s a few times where you’ll hear a clanking noise in the background; don’t be alarmed. We recorded this episode while partaking in the drinking of some wine (We’re all very much adults, so don’t judge us.), so what you hear are the wine glasses hitting the coasters at various times.




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