Celebrity Shoe Spotlight – Tracee Ellis Ross

18 07 2012

Last month, I explained how looking at a celebrity’s shoe choices could help one begin to develop her own shoe style. In that post, I highlighted Kim Kardashian, and while she certainly has a specific style – she’s not the only one.

Today’s post highlights a more eclectic style, that of fashion icon and actress, Tracee Ellis Ross. One click glance through her photos and you’ll see why so many women love her (yours truly included). This lady’s got style for days… so let’s see what we can learn from her!

Here, Tracee Ellis Ross puts on a pair of fringe boots.
Photo: Elle Magazine

Tracee Ellis Ross shows how a black pump can still stop the show.
Photos: Vibe Vixen/ DollHouseofStyle.com

Tracee Ellis Ross gives us a bit of color with these purple suede heels and red and black stilettos.

Tracee gives instant edge to her outfits with these funky shoe additions.
Photos: Vibe Vixen/FashionBombDaily.com

Once again showing her love of color, Tracee Ellis Ross shines in these classic red pumps.
Photo: LayersOfStyle.com

Looking at Tracee’s photos, you can see that she certainly enjoys introducing variety into her wardrobe – you’ll see her in gladiator shoes, sneakers, stilettos, and more. And yet, when she decides to go classic, she is just as comfortable sliding into a pair of all black or all red pumps. One common thread, however, is that each one is a statement shoe.

This tells me that Tracee understands the importance of letting your shoes make a statement, even if that statement changes every now and then. What are some statement shoes you have in our closet?




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