Hey… it’s OKAY (Part DEUX)

13 07 2012

Photo: Glamour.tumblr.com

Sometime ago (like four years to be exact), I did a post that was inspired by Glamour Magazine’s popular “Hey, it’s OK” section. Their section in the magazine and my previous post listed things it was OK to do and say that may normally seem ridiculous to others.

Glamour listed things like:

…to begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M.

…to start your to-do list with a task you’ve already done.

…to shove it in the closet and consider your place cleaned. (NOTE – I totally do this!)

And I listed things like:

…. to decide that pair of shoes is worth your lunch for the week, if it’s a “to-die” pair that you may never see again, just happens to have one pair in your size, AND it’s on major sale –  but ONLY like once every 4 to 6 months.

Basically, it was your chance to indulge in your indulgences.

And since it’s Friday and it’s the summer (a very indulgent time anyway), I figure let’s do it again! I had fun last time seeing what some of my readers came up with… let’s see what we can get this time.

I’ll start, of course.

Hey, it’s OKAY

… to spend an entire weekend vegging out and watching romantic comedies, Lifetime movies, and The Hills on repeat.

… to create to-do lists that include not just work, but also your planned fun activities for the week/weekend.

… to shamelessly flirt with the bartender so you can get free drinks anytime you go back to that bar.

to play 2 hour dress-up for a date with that guy you really really really like.

… to call your friends and gush and giggle about how well that date went as soon as you get home.

… to buy yourself a faaaab pair of shoes (or 2 or 3) for your birthday. If you don’t treat yourself, who will?

… to do everything from wishing on a star, crossing your fingers, knocking on wood, and praying to God that the job you want comes through, the guy you want wants you back, and that dream you’ve held on to becomes a reality.

Alright folks, that’s some of mine. What about you all? Don’t be shy!

PS: Hey guys, I had a chance to do a guest blog post for my girl Michelle at Michelle’s Motivations. Check me out when you get a chance – 2 guesses as to what it’s about. Oh, I won’t make you wait – it’s about my love for shoes, but with an inspirational twist. Go now… go!! —-> For the Love of Shoes




9 responses

13 07 2012

Its ok to work from home even though you work less than 30 minutes away from the office.

its okay to not go out becasue you need to clean out your DVD

its okay to make out with a cute guy in the club (you’re not sleeping with him)

its okay to have Cold Stone and Chick-fil-a in the same hour

Its okay to exchange the clothes you just bought 3 times becasue you don’t want or feel like trying clothes on in the store.

its ok!

13 07 2012

Love these!!! Esp “It’s ok to work from home even though you work less than 30 minutes away from the office.”

That is always okay… and always a win!

Thanks for sharing 🙂

13 07 2012

Also, even thought I actually don’t have it in today… I’d like to add:

… it’s OK to rock your summer bun throughout the entire summer or at least until the 95+ degree days go away. (Clearly, the lady in the picture agrees with me lol)

13 07 2012

Yes and to rock the wild look! It’s summer people understand!

13 07 2012

Its ok to have a cookie and promise yourself you will work out later..hey its motivation right?
Its ok to convince your friend to buy a cute new purse so that you can borrow it later…why can’t both of you benefit?
Its ok to wear the same super cute outfit to a different event with a complete different set of people because if Facebook didn’t tag it, it never happened

I LOVE this, Darby!!

14 07 2012

Brenda, so glad you enjoyed!! And I’m all about rocking an outfit as if it’s new if Facebook hasn’t documented it yet lol

7 09 2012
Chasing Joy

It’s Okay to have Pizza for breakfast and Breakfast for Dinner.

It’s ok to budget your hair maintenance with the same priorities as your bills.

It’s ok to decide your happiness is more important than someone elses.

Stopping by from Flashback Friday.

8 09 2012

I absolutely LOVE these! Especially deciding your happiness is more important than someone else’s. Preach.

And I have definitely, definitely had pizza for breakfast and breakfast for dinner LOL

20 09 2013
I’m One of Those Girls that… | Choices, Voices, and Sole

[…] here on Choices, Voices, and Sole, I’m very into accepting who I am (quirks and all) and getting others to accept things about themselves, as […]

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