Why Lunch Dates are Freakin Awesome!!!

4 06 2012

The other day, I was emailing CCB (like we always do) and a conversation ensued about the extreme awesomeness of lunch dating. It came up kinda randomly, but immediately we both insisted on how great they were. The conversation went a little something like this:

D-Magic: Lunch dates are the best!

CCB: They seriously are the best (if they go well), and they magically make the rest of your day bearable, no matter how busy you are.

D-Magic: Exactly. I mean, if a guy wants to see you in the middle of the day while at work, that’s a very good sign.

CCB: It’s a good sign for both of us, because we both know I tend to shop or work through lunch.  It takes a lot to trump shopping, lolol.

That was all I needed to begin thinking of reasons for why lunch dates were probably in the top 5 of the dating category. So without further ado – my reasons:

It shows a strong desire to see that person

I don’t know about your job, but mine very rarely lends itself to carefree lunch hours. Usually, I’m either eating something quickly at my desk while I work or running out to get something to take back to my desk to eat quickly while I work. Occasionally, I might take 15 minutes to just eat and not work, and on the even more rare occasions when I actually take a lunch break, it’s probably for something special like a co-worker’s birthday. So if I’m interested in seeing you in the middle of my day, that means a) you’re on my mind in the middle of my busy day and b) I want to see you so badly, I’ll settle for an hour or less just to be able to do so. Right or wrong, I’m assuming a guy is thinking the same thing about me if he suggests a lunch date… so that’s your fair warning, gentlemen.

It lends itself to creativity

Sure, you could just go get something to eat at a restaurant near your job, or you could also skip all that hoopla and have an intimate picnic. If you’re anywhere near a waterfront, you could go walking and spend time catching up. The choices are endless and the beauty is there’s not as much pressure as trying to plan a dinner date or an all day date. Chances are you’ll only have between an hour or two hours, so you can go all out with the creativity and not have to worry about impressing anyone for an extended period of time.

Sometimes the best things in life are… short and simple

Speaking of only having a short amount of time, you know how some people really like quickies because of the emergency feeling it gives? Lunch dates have the same effect. You don’t have all day to spend with each other, but an hour or so with the right person, doing the simplest thing (ie: walking along a waterfront) can put the biggest, cheesiest smile on a girl’s face.

It can be the healthier version of a 5 hour energy shot

No need for coffee or energy drinks when you know you have a lunch date in the works. First, if a woman really likes the guy, she’ll be so amped up before the date, she won’t need any extra caffeine to get her adrenaline going. She’ll be especially happy if she managed to pull of an amazing effortlessly chic lunch date outfit. Then if all goes well – she’ll be floating on air when she gets back to work, not worrying at all what anyone has to say anymore.

So what do you all think? Would you go on a lunch date with someone? And if you’ve had them before – do you agree with me?

PS: What’s funny is that this conversation was at least a week before Twitter got all in a tiffy about whether a guy needed to spend $200 on a date or not. It’s amazing how we all like to complicate something so very simple.




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4 06 2012

Great post. Hubby and I actually had our first lunch date on a work day because I happened to be near his job and it was awesome. We sat outside to eat our lunch and peopled watched. I need more of those!

4 06 2012

Thanks Brenda! And see that just sounds all kinds of lovely to me. I don’t have a husband (clearly), but when I do get one – I think lunch dating should be explored as an option at least once a month.

5 06 2012

Considering I am the other half of your convo up there, I’d say I agree whole heartedly. Plus, you only spend half the day freaking out, sweating and feeling all vomity about a date instead of the whole, entire day! Oh. That’s just me?

5 06 2012

Hahahaaha – that’s also very true. AND that also means (if it goes well), you have a whole 1/2 day to glow in the bask of a great date (and email and call all your friends so they can share in that basking), as opposed to like maybe 2 hours after a dinner date lol

6 07 2012
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13 07 2012


28 03 2017

It lends itself to creativity IF you push it to be that way. Otherwise, it’s potentially a situation where the drive there and back is just s long as the date, you’re sitting several feet apart from each other, and you’re getting interrupted by the waitstaff. Let him know what you have in mind for the creative part and get his input.

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