It’s Really QUITE Simple: What a Woman Wants on Her Birthday from the Person She’s Interested In

1 06 2012


Do you remember when you were in junior high school and your birthday came around? If your school was anything like mine – your friends pinned money on your chest, gave you one of those HUGE birthday cards which usually had tweety bird or some other cartoon character on it, and gave you a bunch of balloons. If you had a boo at the time, he’d probably also get you some flowers from the same store at school that sold all the other items. You walked around with this stuff all day, barely able to walk really – but you felt appreciated and everyone who came up to you said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and probably added a dollar to the collection on your shirt.

If this was just a New Orleans thing, just go with me here (and also I’m sorry that you missed out on this tradition, kind of like how I think everyone should have grown up playing parade with their brothers, sisters, and cousins)…

Either way, for a small amount of money – you were the happiest person in the world. No grand gesture was needed (despite what it sounds like, since everyone got those things – balloons and a card didn’t constitute as a grand gesture), no jewelry purchases were required, no all out day long dates were planned – the people in your life simply acknowledged your day, and you were happy.

In the same way, I think that’s what most women want from the person they like – it’s simple and true: plain old acknowledgement of your day.

I was talking to a good friend 2 weeks ago and told her how this guy I’m sorta kinda maybe but not really seeing (yes, I know that’s a lot) wanted to take me out for my birthday. At the time I told her, I wasn’t sure if I should say yes. A part of me wanted to, but I also didn’t want it to be a big thang. After letting me talk for a bit, she countered with, “Do you know how many guys just avoid me around my birthday because they think I want some big extravagant thing? If he wants to take you out, that’s a point in his book as far as I’m concerned.”

She continued: “what’s really crazy is that usually, all I want is a call showing me that you remembered. If I got that, I’d probably be cheesing all day.”

She was right. I remembered all the times I was interested in a guy and we were still in that getting to know you phase or maybe in that “should we be trying this dating thing with each other” phase and all I wanted from them was a call. Everything else that may have occurred was simply sprinkles on the cake. In fact, one of the most romantic and still memorable birthday gestures I’ve had from a guy I wasn’t in a relationship with simply involved him calling me. On my 22nd birthday, he called me on the 17th of every hour and sang Happy Birthday to me.

Okay, I’m not saying do all that. You really can just call once. But even with that, he didn’t have to buy anything. He didn’t have to take me out. And yet, I have friends who remind me about that day to this day – 7 years later (!!!). I had someone bring it up just yesterday, actually!

So remember people, when it comes to the woman in your life – just make the call. I promise you that that one phone call will absolutely make her day. And really and truly, she’ll be putty in your hands.

NOTE: this message is not for people already in relationships. Don’t get caught up and try to tell your girlfriend/fiance/wife I said all you wanted was a call!




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Thanks for this article.. I realized what a mistake I have made

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