Girl Talk Podcast – Episode 1 (and other goodies)

25 05 2012

Remember when I said new things would be coming to the blog?

Well here’s one of those things. I’m so glad to finally introduce a new aspect to the blog – a podcast entitled, Girl Talk. This podcast will feature me and some of my closest friends discussing issues that affect women on a daily basis. First up – embarrassing and stupid things we do when we like a guy.

I know many of us are confident and “put-together” women, but you can admit that there’s been some times when you look back and can only say, “really? I did that?!” That’s what this podcast’s first episode is all about. Listen. Enjoy. Provide feedback. Do all of those things! For my fellas – you should take a listen as well. We might just be giving away some good secrets here.

And while you’re at it – go ahead and Follow Me @darbybaham (you can also find a link to it in the sidebar) and be sure to check out my new personal webpage at You’ll also be able to find this information permanently in the About Me page at the top of the blog.

Don’t worry – this blog will remain. The webpage will act as a supplement to the blog. So go ahead and peruse the site. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Peace and blessings,





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