What’s Your Shoe Fantasy?

23 05 2012

photo: stilettosandsensibility.tumblr.com

“When I close my eyes, You come and take me, On and on and on, It’s so deep in my daydreams, But it’s just a sweet sweet fantasy baby…” ~ Mariah Carey/ Fantasy

Webster defines a fantasy as fancy; imagination; especially a whimsical or fanciful conception; a vagary of the imagination; whim. But what constitutes a shoe fantasy, exactly?

Well, I suppose it could be anything involving shoes in your dreams, like maybe going on a massive shopping spree (Just throw it in the bag!) or coming home to find an awesome shoe closet made just for you. Maybe it’s something even resembling Carrie in Sex and the City when Mr. Big gives her a pair of Manolo Blahniks to symbolize their union instead of an engagement ring.

It could be all of those things.

But that’s not really what I’m talking about today.

No, today I’m talking about the kind of shoe fantasy that you wouldn’t want your mother to hear about.The kind of fantasy that makes people blush or whisper about with their closest friends off in a private corner. The kind that makes you slowly bite your lip as you remember the details. Today, I’m talking about your shoe sex fantasy.

I’m sure we all know by now that women think about sex just as much as men do. One look at the topics covered in magazines across America will certainly confirm that idea. Unfortunately, though – even in those magazines made for women and by women, you see so many topics centered around “pleasing your man” or “what drives him crazy.” But how often do we really discuss what we actually think about and what we actually want?

I’m lucky – most of my friends are quite comfortable with their sexuality and therefore have no problem speaking about it amongst each other. We talk about our desires and our hiccups, our crushes and the things we want to do to them. These conversations make it that much easier for me to confidently say that many of them have confessed to wanting to live out some fantasy while wearing their favorite pair of stilettos. What girl wouldn’t want to do something like that, right?

I mean, what’s sexier than a confident woman, strutting down the street in some heels? I know I get an extra pep in my step when I’m that woman… so think about how sexy and empowered you might feel making that same walk in front of your partner. For the ones who’ve actually been able to live out their shoe fantasy, they say it’s one of the most indulging experiences ever. And I feel like I’m inclined to believe them.

So on this hump day, let’s trade stories (anonymously). What’s your shoe sex fantasy?

PS: Those shoes in that picture – to die for, right?




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