Is Brandy Right? Cuz, I Don’t Have Any Room in My Dresser?

25 04 2012

Do y’all remember when Brandy previewed this song on her show? Something about the concept of leaving room in your home for a prospective partner intrigued me. And by intrigued me, I mean to say that if I could have given the song a side eye, I would have. Cook for two? Sleep on one side of the bed? Fake like there’s a man in my home, even though there isn’t one? Yeah, like I said – all kinds of side eye was being thrown towards the song.

But I realized recently that was probably for a couple reasons:

A) anyone who has been in my apartment will tell you that I have crap coming from every corner and crevice in it (but when it’s clean, it still manages to look cute – just lived in lol), so the idea seemed like a pretty daunting task; and

B) I kind of enjoy the fact that it’s just me in my apartment right now, and I don’t have to share my space with anyone – which means, my home can have stuff coming from every corner and crevice because it’s just me. I can cook what I want to cook, even if it means choosing to cook something that will only last one meal – because again, it’s just me!

Either way, I put the song out of my mind (or I thought so) until I read recently about a man who claimed to have cleared out a drawer in his dresser to make room for his future wife. He didn’t stop there, though. He also started doing a lot of the things Brandy talked about in this clip of her song – sleeping on one side of the bed, cooking for two and just generally ensuring there was “space” for someone to be able to enter into his home, figuratively and physically.

The author used this man’s story to suggest that often us single folks live just like that – single folks, and we unconsciously tell any suitors, there’s only room for one here. She used a very loose concept of Feng Shui to impart the importance of having symmetry in your home – noting that each piece should have an equal partner piece.

Okay – so basically that means if I only have one over-sized mug for my tea, I should get another one (just in case we both want to sit around and drink warm apple cider one night), and I should have more than one chair in my bedroom, since I currently have a nice little reading area in mine. Alright. That’s not too difficult, I suppose… but making room in my dresser? Am I the only one not okay with going that far?

I may not help my case here, but I should point out that I have a 6 drawer dresser that sits out in my bedroom and two 3 drawer dressers that make their home in my storage/catch-all closet, as well as some room for hanging clothes in my shoe and accessories closet. AND yet, I’m still contemplating purchasing an under the bed storage container, so that I’m not stuffing things into my dressers when all my clothes are clean. And you want me to empty out one of the already over-stuffed drawers to make room for some dude who’s not actually here????

Maybe this is why I’m single lol. Or maybe I should say, it’s a reflection of why I’m single. This man seemingly had no qualms with applying his desire for a partner into his home life. And I’m struggling with the concept of changing my home life prior to there being a reason to do so.

Am I wrong here?

(And yes, I do understand that I can get rid of some of my clothing/ donate some of it – that’s not the point. It’s the principality of the matter that I’m struggling with more so than the execution of it. No, that’s not true – I’m struggling with the execution of it too lol.)

Psssstttt… hey there, reader! If you haven’t noticed, there are a few changes I’ve made to the blog in the past couple weeks – including but not limited to adding an ABOUT ME page. In the next couple weeks, there will be even more changes. Be on the look-out for more posts, more ways to contact me, and an exciting new adventure for me and the blog (and hopefully, you too)! I’m expecting May to be pretty great (and not just because it’s my birth Month – although that helps).




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