The Art of Approaching a Man (Revisited) – What does a Man actually want to hear?

21 03 2012

"Hey... he was cute! Shoot - I should have said something."

The other day, I was walking in Columbia Heights and saw this man who lit-rally took my breath away. And I mean that in no exaggeration – I was walking, saw him, and stopped breathing for .5 seconds. I was blown away – something that I don’t think has ever happened to me before. I mean, I’ve met very attractive guys before. Heck, I’ve dated and hooked up with very attractive guys before – but this guy… this guy was on a whole nother level.

You know how you’ll hear guys on TV or the movies say stuff like, “the first time I looked in her eyes, she took my breath away”… and it sounds like a complete bunch of crock. This guy made me realize that it just might not be. Let me be clear though, it wasn’t a swoon – mostly because I think a swoon comes from a more intimate meeting. You hug a guy you really like and you swoon. You accidentally nestle into someone’s chest on a cold winter night – swoon. I don’t think you can swoon over a complete stranger – but then again, I didn’t think you could have your breath taken away by a complete stranger and this happened to me a few days ago, so what do I know.

Anyway, so I’m walking… I notice the guy, he takes my breath away, and then it hits me that he’s walking on the other side of the street and has headphones on so there’s absolutely no way I can smoothly get his attention and coyly say “hi,” hoping he’ll respond and take the lead from there. And then I realize, it’s probably for the best anyway – because the way I reacted initially, if he was standing or walking right past me – I probably would have stumbled all over myself and busted out with something ridiculous, like, “excuse me – are you okay, because it looks like Heaven may have dropped an angel today.”



Anyway, so because I couldn’t say anything to the guy, I texted my friends. And Mandy pants says to me – “D Magic, we’ve got to work on your aggressive skills.” Not because she expected me to sprint across the street after the guy, but because I slipped up and told her what I might have said to him had I had the chance. Either way, I agreed with her. But it’s just so darned difficult!

I’ve admitted to you guys before that I’m more of a friend of a friend type of girl, where I can spark up a convo and engage the cute single guy hanging out at my friend’s house or at happy hour. It’s the random, stranger, minding his own business, walking down the street thing I have a problem with. What do you say to someone in that situation?

I know some of the crap I’ve heard – and trust me, definitely not trying to duplicate stuff like “say girl I’m not trying own ya, just trying to phone ya.” Yea, somehow that didn’t work on me – so I don’t think it would work on a guy either. But what does work?

In a bar/ not crowded elevator/ standing in line somewhere situation – I got the “hi” and smile thing down pat. I mean, really and truly – that’s not that much different from happy hour or at your friend’s house, it’s more about psyching yourself up for it. But someone walking past – ehhhhh, I gots nothing son.

So help me out here fellas. What would you want to hear from a girl if you were in that guy’s position? Has a girl ever approached you and come off the right amount of flirty, fun, and exciting – without seeming desperate? And for my aggressive girls – give me some success stories here (but remember, it’s a guy who’s not being stationary and isn’t in a bar where it’s kind of assumed people are going to come up and talk to him).




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15 07 2012

I just love this and the picture!

16 07 2012


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