Nice Guys Really DO Finish First – Valentine’s Day Advice

14 02 2012

Nice guys finish last, right? That’s the lie we’ve all been told for so long. The thing is, I’m not quite sure where it came from. But whoever made it up, surely did find a way to pretty much entrench it into the minds of most men (at least many men that I know and have come across).

Yet, I would argue that the phrase couldn’t be more wrong if it tried. Sure, some girls have an attraction to “bad boys,” but for the most part, you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who didn’t want a man who treated her nicely.

The question then becomes, what does nice really mean? As I’ve stated before, part of the problem is that a lot of men think they’re nice guys just because they’re not as bad as the next dude. But it’s not really something that can be compared between two people. Sure you may be nicer than the guy who cheated on her 5 times, but if you lie to her constantly, is it really that much of a difference?

The real nice guys, though – those guys definitely finish first and more importantly, finish most successfully. Do you know the kind of smile you can put on a woman’s face just by opening her door when you guys walk to the car? Or calling when you said you would? Planning a date that consists of more than dinner and a movie?

These little things combined begin to mark the character of a nice guy. He’s the guy who treats her with respect and has a genuine interest in what interests her. He’s the guy who doesn’t seek to put her on a pedestal, but seeks to support her in the goals she’s already striving to achieve – while also working on his goals. He’s the guy that can tell when she just needs to be held and doesn’t make her feel weak because of it. Trust me, fellas – there’s no way this guy finishes last.

Make sure to pay attention to what I said (or rather wrote), though. The nice guy doesn’t want to put her on a pedestal and kiss the ground she walks on. That’s how you get put into the lame category that so many people misidentify as “nice.” A friend of mine was once told by her ex-boyfriend, “The higher you left me up and put me on a pedestal, the easier you make it for me to look down on you.” That couldn’t be more accurate.

When a guy puts those things together, flawed as he may be in any other way, any woman in the world would fall for him. And on a surface level, chances are – her physical desire for him would exponentially increase.

So on this special posting for today – take this as my hint, guys. If you’ve got a woman in your life who you’re interested in, take tonight or this weekend to do something nice. I’d be willing to bet that you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Right, ladies?




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