Ways to Know a Woman’s Interest has Waned

8 02 2012

She's thinking to herself, "He doesn't even know..."

“Cuz once a good girl goes bad… she’s gone forever.” – Rihanna, Good Girl Gone Bad

I think most people would agree that when a woman really likes a guy (or even loves him), she’ll pretty much do anything for him. She’ll let a lot of things slide that she normally wouldn’t. She’ll do things she thought she never would, like make dinner every night or get excited just to see his name pop up on her phone screen.

We’ve all been there, and because there’s nothing like falling for someone, we women tend to relish in it. We enjoy getting all giddy about seeing him and we look forward to the times he’s going to be there making us laugh or just holding us while watching a movie. But if you’re single right now (like I am), whether casually dating or not, chances are the butterfly feelings you once had for men in your past have waned at some point.

Sometimes it happens gradually, and sometimes all it takes is one moment and you’re all of a sudden completely turned off. And yet, like most people (men and women), the idea of breaking up with someone or ending your time dating is pretty unnerving. You don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings, but you’re pretty sure that the liking (or loving) feelings you had for them before have gone out of the window. So this post is for my men friends. Here are some tell tale signs that the girl you’re dating doesn’t really like you anymore:

She’s a LOT busier than she’s ever been before

Now, look ish happens. Stuff comes up and so much can happen in a month’s time. Maybe you met her and she had a few things going on and now that 2 months have passed, that few has turned into plenty. But here’s the catch – people make time for who and what they want to make time for. If the President of the United States can find time to sing to his wife and be around his children, she can find time to call and say “hey, I was just thinking about you.” If she’s not, and she was finding time before, that means you’ve made your way down the totem pole of priorities.

She doesn’t Care that you don’t call as much anymore

Any woman will tell you that when you’re first getting to know a guy, you don’t expect to hear from him every day. In fact, you’re kinda happy if you hear from him once or twice a week. But eventually, if it’s going anywhere – the times you two speak with each other (whether through email, text, phone, in person – whatever) typically increases. If that then goes back to once or twice a week out of nowhere, every woman also knows that means your interest is probably waning. And if that doesn’t bother her, it pretty much means the feeling is mutual. You two should just cut your losses and move on.

She starts going out more often, freakem dress in tow… without you

We women are not dumb. As much as we enjoy going to the club or bar with our friends and having a good time, we also know what kind of attention we’ll probably get when putting on our freakem dress for the night. So if the woman you’re dating has begun to do this 2 and 3 times a week, when she hadn’t been out in months, that means she’s back on the prowl. She might as well be singing Trina’s song, “I’m Single Again… back on the prowl… thought it was perfect…. I don’t know how.” That dress ain’t for you if you weren’t invited. Real talk.

Your name comes up less and less in conversation

This wouldn’t be something you could probably find out, but one thing to know is that when a woman likes someone, she usually finds all kinds of ways to bring him up in conversation with her friends. You could be talking about casseroles and balloons, and somehow she’d find a way to mention that such and such loves casseroles and used to be scared of balloons or whatever crap she could come up with. Women friends put up with this because we all know that we do it… but you also notice when that name doesn’t come up as often or has completely gone extinct. Dude may still be around at that time, but chances are not for much longer.

Fellas, do you notice when a woman loses interest in you? And ladies, did I miss anything?




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