The New Facebook Timeline Makes Me Think of Other Things I want to Purge

17 01 2012


I don’t have the new Facebook Timeline… Yet.

But from speaking to those who have already switched over, the general consensus has been that at first you go through a feeling of “oh sh*t! EVERYTHING is on here! I have to delete, delete, delete right NOW!” But then the shock wears off and you eventually grow to really like it. Something about how it’s kinda cool to actually be able to see all the stuff you’ve ever put on wax on Facebook.

Well, that’s kind of how I feel about this blog sometimes. While I’m very conscious about what I put on here (contrary to popular belief by those who think they know what’s completely going on in my life based on the blog), there’s still plenty of times I look in the archives and cringe at the topics I’ve covered.

I’ve divulged embarrassing moments on here (usually of the word vomit variety), waxed poetic about my bad decisions with Jake and Cosby, and lamented about break-ups and first dates and juvies and guys who think they’re good guys simply bc they’re not as bad as the next dude. And in the times when it wasn’t just about me, they’re still cringe worthy – I mean really, how many different posts can woman write about cuddling (and not in a positive way)? Apparently, at least 5. And I’m sure there will be more as my ideas on the intimacy of the act continue to evolve. For example, I thought about doing a post about the difference between snuggling, cuddling, and nestling – but I realized that’s just me being nitpicky and there’s really not a difference at all. Guess I avoided one cringe worthy post there.

But usually, after the initial shock of looking at the archives wears off, I tend to go through the same transformation of the new Facebookers. “Well, it kind of is cool to see how my ideas about relationships and politics have or have not changed over the years,” I’ll say. There’s no denying that our perspectives change over time, so maybe it’s not too bad to be able to see the evolution – even if it’s on the world wide web. That’s probably why I never deleted my first blog. Destined 2 BE was my first foray into this blogging world and I can totally see the differences between 22 year old D Magic and soon to be 29 year old D Magic. Maybe that’s how some singers feel about their albums?

Anyway, what about you all? Do you have anything like this in your lives that initially frightens you when you look back on it, but eventually makes you smile? I also scrap book, so on a smaller level – that kind of has a similar effect for me.




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