Year in Review – A look back at my Eleven in ’11

28 12 2011

With less than a few days to go before the new year, now’s as good a time as any to post my updates on my Eleven. You can find detailed explanations of everything on my Eleven in ’11 page, but here’s a brief breakdown.

  1. Finish the rewrite of my book, “BLEEP” and start pitching it again. (Revised – finish writing proposal and start pitching it again) – COMPLETED. I sent out 35 pitches/proposals this year, but this one is also still in progress.
  2. Lose and keep off at least 20-25 lbs. COMPLETED. Lost 24 lbs so far.
  3. Go on 11 dates. IN PROGRESS. I’ve gone on 8 dates so far, but I do have at least 2 more in the plans for the new year.
  4. Get back into freelancing, in magazines and/or websites. Yea, this one didn’t happen.
  5. Find and secure a job that I want to be in for the next 2 to 3 years, at least. IN PROGRESS
  6. Go see a movie by myself. COMPLETED
  7. Increase my savings by at least $5000. MASSIVE FAILURE
  8. Get my bridge (my teeth) done. COMPLETED
  9. Do something different for myself once a month. COMPLETED. I finished the last thing this past Monday when I went to see the Saints play the Falcons in the New Orleans Superdome
  10. Cook and perfect a new meal once a month for the cookbook. COMPLETED
  11. “One of your 11 dates must be with a guy who you asked out.” COMPLETED

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my friends and I are gearing up for Twelve in ’12 now. You can track my progress on my new Twelve page.




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